The area we are staying in Switzerland is unreal. The mountains are uncomparable. Alpnachstad is a small town nestled at the base of Mount Pilatus. We have a patio off our room. The view from our room is amazing, not that I’ll be spending much time indoors.

Just across from our hotel there is a bunny farm. I have never seen bunnies this large before. We watched as they scurried about in the yard. Most of them sat, snoozing in the sun.

Dinner was ready to be served soon after our arrival. We ate a traditional Swiss barely soup and had potatoes and pasta. It was delicious and hearty, the perfect kind of food after being on a bus all day.

The hotel we are staying at is within walking distance of Lake Lucerne. How lucky are we? We went for a walk there tonight. At first, we did not know how to get to the water from our hotel. We actually crossed the train tracks and highway just to realize that there was a fence around to block out the highway. When we turned around to walk back, we noticed that there were stairs that led to a tunnel underneath the highway.


The view was spectacular. There was a pier going over the lake, with the Alps as the backdrop. It was a perfect site. We stayed as the sun went down. The world simply never looked more beautiful than it did at that very moment. Switzerland I have already decided is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

As we walked back to our hotel, I went to give a women directions because she looked lost. Yet, she was apparently a local. Leave it to me to give directions to a local.