We woke up early in the morning to watch our ship arrive in the port of Barbados. Barbados is not the ideal port to watch the boat dock. Standing on the top deck with my camera ready, I was underwhelmed. From above, it was not the prettiest view. Barbados was seemingly flat and industrial, unlike the lush mountainous islands I saw before. When it was time to disembark, we exited through what seemed like an industrial ship yard. After passing through the maze of buildings, we found ourselves in a parking lot surrounded by cabs. Still unsure of how we wanted to spend our day on the Island, we made our way to the cluster of taxis and the tour information board. There were several tours listed, which were all reasonable prices.

After comparing the different tours and taxi rates, we opted for the scenic coast to coast tour of Barbados. For only $30 the tour would bring us all around the island. One of the stops on the tour I was most excited for was North Point. From my research this spot seemed unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

The first tour guide who was offering the tour seemed a little sketchy. We dodged him very quickly and found another guide offering the same tour. The next guy we found was very nice. However when he went over the list of places on the tour, he did not list North Point. I asked about it and he said that he wouldn’t mind making the stop. Our tour was a small group including two guys from Idaho and a couple from Florida. It ended up being  fun group.

We began our tour by driving by multi-million dollar homes, including Rihanna’s home. It was gigantic! Since we were speeding by in a van, I didn’t get a good picture. It was interesting to see the difference between wealth and poverty on the island. It seemed like there was everything from shacks to mansions.

Next, we drove past the area where Christopher Columbus first discovered Barbados. I guess that is why they call the area the West Indies. Because it was the group of islands that were discovered in Columbus’s voyages to the new world.

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We then made our way to our first official stop, the oldest church in Barbados,St. James Parish Church . The church was built in 1684 and was still in excellent condition. It was bright white and beautifully lit inside from all the windows. The church was simple yet it was the simplicity that made it beautiful. We didn’t need much time here but it was good to stretch our legs and look around at the grounds. With the tropical flowers, the grave yard wasn’t grim at all.

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Our guide gave us a taste of luxury, first stopping and allowing us to get out at Sandy Lane Beach, which is apparently one of the most popular beaches in the country. I loved the way the bright umbrellas looked against the light blue water. There is something so peaceful about watching the palm trees sway in the dense humid air that is so peaceful. To top of the luxurious beach, we made our way through the gated fence to the Barbados Yacht Club at Port St. Charles. While I have no complaints because I am in the Caribbean, wouldn’t it be nice to pull up to this as your port? Now this is what you picture a boat dock to look like. I honestly felt that I was looking at a painted picture.

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Before we made our way to North Point, we stopped at a little bar to try Banks, the beer of Barbados. Maybe it was because it had been a hot long day but it was the best beer I have ever had. The beer was smooth, almost like honey. It was nice to enjoy a drink with our new cruise friends in the open air bar. While at the bar, I listened as my tour guide got directions from another local. Even though they were speaking English, they were difficult to understand.

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North Point is located in St. Lucy, Barbados. This town was less affluent than others we’ve seen on the island thus far. The houses here were a bit run down. But the view in North Point was like nothing I have ever seen before. We were standing on a giant cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. For such a flat island, you wouldn’t expect to see this view. The waves crashed so viciously against the jagged rocks below. It added to a bit of fear while climbing the rocks to take in the view. I didn’t want to step too close to the edge. The water was a much deeper shade of blue on this side of the island. It created the scary plummet to seem even more daunting. I had to drag myself away from the view. I could have looked down from this cliff all day. A view that I unfortunately did not have time to see was from Animal Flower Cave, a cave opening up to the Atlantic Ocean at North Point. I didn’t want to venture into a cave and get left by my tour guide.

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Along the way to our next destination, we drove through many sugar plantations. Sugar is one of the main crops in Barbados. We made our way up to Cherry Tree Hill, which is part of the St. Nicholas Abbey plantation. Barbados was not as flat as I thought it to be. The view from here was so scenic, you could see the ocean and surrounding land for miles. We took a selfie with our new friends from the tour. It made me realize that I need to get a selfie stick before my next adventure.

 photo IMG_2217_zpsbbzhyxxk.jpg photo 10424343_10152827369027635_358670716842747073_n_zpshacmhqdc.jpg

Our last stop was at Bathsheba Beach in St. Joseph. Sitting on the Atlantic Ocean, this beach was very different from the Caribbean oasis we saw earlier. The beach was covered in washed up sea moss and had magical looking boulders that were just floating, or at least it looked as if the were just balancing on one edge. The entire shoreline was dotted with these giant coral bolder that had separated from coral reef thousands of years ago.

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Alas our tour was over and we still had a few hours left before departure. Our guide offered to drop everyone off where they wanted to spend there last few hours. The girls and I decided on spending some time in the Caribbean. We went to Mullins Beach, one of the most popular beaches in Barbados. The sand was fine and the water crystal clear. We came prepared, having already been in our bathing suits. We jumped right in the water and swam for hours. There wasn’t a single wave, except for an occasional ripple as a jet ski whipped by. We had snorkeling gear in our back packs, which came in handy at this beach. There wasn’t a ton of fish but I got to see a starfish on the bottom of the ocean. I was able to swim down and touch it. This was the perfect end to the perfect day in the Caribbean.

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Details:  7 Day Southern Caribbean Cruise with Carnival Cruise!