When we arrived in Bruges, the rain had not subsided. If anything, the storm had worsened. Amiss all the rain, the city was still very picturesque. The first place we walked was through the park. It was very peaceful and the leafs on the trees acted as a canopy from the rain.

Yet, that coverage did not last long and soon we were in the city, exposed to the elements and the beautiful scenery.

The city was beautiful. There were horse drawn carriages gallivanting through the streets and swans swimming in the canals. Everything was very quint and almost lost in time. I felt that I was in a storybook while in Bruges. Almost every step you took, you would see a lace, chocolate or waffle shop. With store fronts aligning the canals, not even the rain could stop us from enjoying this city.

We went to a restaurant in market square during our free time to dry off. The restaurant we chose had a patio overlooking the square. There were also space heaters to warm us up. It was relaxing sitting outside, taking in the scenery and people watching while staying warm and dry. I also got a vegetable soup, which was one of the most delicious things I had. It may not have looked too appetizing, yet it was just what I needed to warm myself.

The group met under an awning of a building before dinner. Under here, it was just a cave of wind. Not much better than if we just waited outside.

I’m not sure what all Belgium food taste like, but what we had was just plain weird. It did not mesh well with my taste buds. They put mayo on everything, including the salad. The main course was pretty decent, it was all just extremely rich food. Yet, this shouldn’t be too a surprise. Belgium has rich chocolate, rich beer and evidently rich cuisine.

At the end of the day, a few of us girls decided to go out to watch the world cup match. We stumbled upon a little pub, where the employees didn’t speak any English. So we just decided to order the special beer, Jupiler. Each beer came in a giant soccer ball shaped glass, in celebration of the world cup. The Netherlands was playing that night and we ended up befriending some new Dutch friends at the pub who were from Amsterdam. We cheered along with them and enjoyed a night of found memories.

Belgium beers