It seems that whenever I am in Ellicottville, New York, that I am here for a festival. Yet, the charm of the town is not lost on me.

This time, we were in Ellicottville for Fall Festival. It was evident that fall was upon us. The hills were painted with the beautiful colors of fall.


The festival was larger than I expected, yet it didn’t celebrate fall in the way I was expecting. I’m not sure what it was I was expecting. Pumpkins, a hay maze? I’m not too sure. Yet, I was still pleased. The leaves crunching under my feet as I wandered the streets, dotting in and out of vendor tents to get a look at the crafts they were selling was more than I could ask for.


My favorite part of festivals is the festival food. I got an Italian sausage, which is one of my favorites. The smoke from the charring onions burns my eyes as they are cooking, yet biting into the sausage makes up for that moment. It’s warm, it’s delicious, it is festival food.

I ate by the town gazebo. At the time they were doing a singing competition in the gazebo, so it added to some entertainment. A gazebo is what makes a small town, in my opinion. It’s charming. It’s central. It is the essence of small town USA.


Ellicottville is truly a cute small town, especially with the fall foliage as a backdrop. My favorite building was the Town Hall, which is very fitting because I learned that the native name for Ellicottville is “De-as-hen-da-qua,” or “place for holding court.”