We stopped in Fontainebleau, which is the home of Napoleon’s favorite palace.  The town was surrounded by a huge royal forest that seems to go on forever. The palace itself was beautiful. It’s crazy to think that such a large palace was created for just one person. Seeing this palace makes me want to research more about Napoleon.

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We only saw the outside of the palace. We saw the garden fountain. On this hot day, I wished more than anything that I could dip my feet in the water.

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There were also murals painted onto the archways. My neck ached looking up, but the strain was worth it to see the detail of the murals.

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There was an outdoor market outside the palace with vendors selling clothes and fresh food. After browsing a little, we grabbed lunch and headed back on the road. I was glad that I was actually able to communicate my order in French. In order to communicate that I wanted salad dressing I referred to it as sauce.