Stepping into Hotel Henry – Urban Resort Conference Center, you would never know that it was a former psychiatric center.

Transforming an old psychiatric center into a hotel is no easy feat. Yet, the Richardson Olmsted Complex in Buffalo, New York proved to be a more than worthy setting for a hotel. The Richardson Olmsted Complex was used as a psychiatric center from 1881 to 1975. This psychiatric center utilized an enlightened approach to treating mental illness. This approach is reflected in the building’s design.Hotel Henry

While the exterior of the building is beautifully foreboding, the interior is full of light. Natural light seeps through every window of Hotel Henry. The space is further brightened by the design elements in the hotel. Large windows and artistic light fixtures line the spacious hallways. Additionally each corridor and lounge features tones of cheerful yellow, calming blue and elegant plum.Hotel Henry

Roaming the spacious hallways during the hotel’s soft opening period, I felt at ease and in awe.Hotel Henry

The Location

Hotel Henry is in a prime position in Buffalo, New York. The hotel is located between the vibrant Elmwood Village and the Cultural Corridor. Elmwood is an artistic neighborhood with a variety of local boutiques and restaurants making it a great area to dine and shop. The Cultural Corridor houses the Albright Knox Art Gallery and the Buffalo Museum of History. These attractions are all within walking distance of Hotel Henry. In addition, Delaware Park and the Buffalo Zoo are close by.Hotel Henry

The Rooms

The rooms in Hotel Henry can be simply described as modern elegance. The hotel features 88 guest rooms and suites. The standard guests rooms were created by combining three of the original rooms for the psychiatric patients together. Regardless of its past tenants, there is nothing institutional about these renovated guest rooms. Subdued colors create a cozy atmosphere in the rooms.Hotel Henry

The suites are set apart from the standard guest rooms, located in the renovated attic of the hotel. The design elements are very similar to that of the standard rooms. However, the exposed beams and use of open space accentuate the minimalistic design in the suites. Some of the rooms, including the King Suite and the Loft King Suite are bigger than most apartments!Hotel Henry Hotel Henry

The Cuisine

I didn’t have the chance to eat at Hotel Henry, yet the restaurant looked intriguing. 100 Acres, the restaurant on property, sprawls out throughout the hallways of the lower lobby. Further, the dining areas are sectioned into different types of seating areas. This is done in order to accommodate different guest’s needs. Thus you can have a casual or formal dinner in the same restaurant.100 Acres Hotel Henry

Whether you sit in casual seating or formal you can experience what 100 Acres has to offer. 100 Acres offers a farm fresh menu which will bring the best local and imported products to create an impeccable menu.100 Acres Hotel Henry

Come Join My Journey was welcomed on a tour of Hotel Henry – Urban Resort Conference Center as a guest, however, my opinion are as always my own.