After seeing countless pictures and having chased every other waterfall around, I finally made it to Letchworth State Park. It was an easy drive from Buffalo so I’m not sure why we haven’t made the drive before.

I always hear people saying that they went hiking in Letchworth so I wasn’t sure how difficult it would be to see all of the waterfalls in a short period of time. When I got to Letchworth however, I realized that you could get almost everywhere of interest in the park by driving. We were able to hop in and out of the car, which was the best situation for my family.

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I was mesmerized as soon as I got to Letchworth. It’s like Fall was extra present here. Every tree was a different shade of red, orange and green. It was beautiful. I stopped to admire the rusted steel bridge, not realizing that I would be seeing a lot more of it while in Letchworth. The bridge stood strong above the seemingly delicate waterfalls of the park. I hiked a bit when I saw the glimmer of a rainbow beyond the tree line. I made my way down the steps of the path to get a closer look. Yes, I was chasing a rainbow! Once I had sufficiently chased the rainbow, I raced back up the steps to where my parents were waiting.

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We made our way via car to where the waterfalls were. First, we went to the Upper Falls, which seemed to be a pretty popular spot. There was a large parking lot, a picnic area and even a concession building. The view of the Upper Falls was so ethereal. It was an enchanting beauty with moss covered stone and even tiny woodland animals scurrying around. It was so peaceful, even with all the bus loads of tourists.

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Our next stop wasn’t far. It was the top of the Middle Falls. From here you could look down at the Middle Falls. And here is where I finally caught the rainbow. The rainbow spread across the waterfall. Yet, you could only see it from certain angels. The wind blew spray from the waterfall at me as I watched the water cascade. Not even the spray of water could dampen my day.

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The last spot we stopped in was Inspiration Point. Here you could see both the Upper and Middle Falls. The colors of the waterfalls and trees were warm from the evening sunset. It was clear why this spot is named, for it is truly inspiring. I wanted to stay in this spot all day. I could have. The only reason why I left was to see what else there was of the park.

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The park was full of deep canyons with white washed walls. The canyons were covered with trees. It is the perfect place to view the Fall foliage. You could easily see why Letchworth is often considered to be the Grand Canyon of the East. The comparison is given from the rock walls of the canyon that rise up to 550 feet. We were also able to see the estate of the original owner of this land, William Pryor Letchworth, which is now the Glen Iris Inn. I couldn’t believe that all this beauty once belonged to one man.

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