We made our way to Lucerne, Switzerland. The first thing I noticed was the beautiful bridge over the Reuss River. The bridge was named the Kapellbrücke or Chapel Bridge and had flowers all around it. It was magnificent, almost enchanting.

Before going to the bridge, we first made our way to the lion monument.

On the way there we weaved through this charming city. We stopped to peak into windows carrying Swiss army knives and beautiful watches that I could never afford, adorned in gold and diamonds. One word that describes Switzerland is luxury.

We spotted a golden lion statue as a sneak preview to the Lion Monument we were about to see.


Finally, we made it to the wounded lion, which is a city landmark. It was much larger than I thought it would be. Carved into the side of a mountain, the lion stood with respect and honor. I wish more than anything that I could have swam in the water and make my way nearer to the statue. Yet, I stood where I was suppose to, on the cement.

We strolled through Lucerne taking in the architecture of the city. It was a very peaceful city to walk through. It wasn’t busy or hectic at all. We were able to walk in a large group, stopping from time to time to take in a site.

We saw a funny statue in the street of a awkward looking family. We took a photo of it, because in a way we are almost an awkward, dysfunctional family of travelers.


The Chapel Bridge was in view again. The bridge, we learned was actually a replica. The original bridge burned down in 1992, yet the bridges paintings were preserved and restored in 2002.  We looked at the bridge from afar. I was so excited to walk through and see these painting.

As we got closer to the bridge, we saw swans swimming in the river. We dared to get as close as we could to them. Fear of a vicious bird seems obsolete when you are in Switzerland. I sat on a staircase leading into the river. It was surreal.

We made it to the bridge. I walked the length of the bridge, with my eyes mostly staring up at the paintings.

We then went to a few souvenir stores and to grab lunch, where I realized that Switzerland is a very expensive place. I was glad that I bought Swiss chocolate from a rest stop, where it was much cheaper.


We left Lucerne is style. We boarded a large boat to head back. It was the perfect day for boating. The sun was shinning on Lake Lucerne. We watched as people swam on the beaches along the shore and as the mountains went past. We pointed to houses along the mountain side of the Alps fantasizing about living in such as beautiful place.

For dinner we had some cheese foundue to end a perfect day in Switzerland.