We arrived in Spain the night prior. This was my first time taking a plane from one country to another while in Europe. We enjoyed complementary plane wine while looking out at the view from above the clouds. Our flight arrived late so we didn’t do much our first night, except get settled into our hotel.

After filling ourselves with a large breakfast at the hotel, we went on a bus guided sight seeing tour of Madrid. We stopped and saw Las Ventas, the bullfighting arena of Madrid. This was an interesting stop, since bullfighting is so unique to Spain. I would love to one day see a bullfight. I’m not sure if I would be able to bare watching it, however it’s an experience I would like to have. The architecture of the arena was impressive. I studied the edging on the top of the arena, captivated by the detail.

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Our next stop was the monument of Miguel Cervantes.

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We then made our way to an ancient Egyptian temple, Temple of Debod. Yes, there are Egyptian ruins in the middle of Madrid. No, the temple was not built in Madrid. Temple of Debod was built in Egypt then relocated to Madrid.

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Our bus tour ended at the Royal Palace of Madrid. It was used in the 17th and 18th century as the winter home of the Royal family. The palace was elaborate and beautiful, yet was only used for one season. What was most interesting is that this palace is still in use today. No one live there, but there are still functions there. I was very intrigued by the furniture. The shape and size of furniture changed as fashion changed. There was also a chapel in the palace. I have learned about relics, yet I did not expect what I saw. There was a corpse in a glass box right in front of us that has been there for at least two hundred years. It was just very bizarre.

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The view from the archways of the Madrid Palace was spectacular. You could see all of Madrid and the mountains in the background.

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After the royal palace, we had free time to walk around. There is nothing more I enjoy than exploring a city by foot. It was scorching hot out so we stopped for a relaxing lunch. I had a spicy shrimp dish. It was delicious. We then walked around for a little while longer. We hot sun was beating down on us by this time. We stopped for a cold beer. We only had a few minutes before we had to meet back with our group. We asked for “cervezas rapido”. We then gulped down our ice cold beers, paid then ran out. As we rushed out we heard “Loco alemán”, which means ‘crazy Germans’ in Spanish. The bartender must have thought we were German because of our beer drinking.

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We then met up with our group to go to the famous Prado Museum. I’m found of art but I’m not too sure what I thought about the pieces in this museum. There were many paintings and sculptures depicting nudity and orgies. I don’t know how you could go through The Prado Museum without laughing. It was incredible seeing pieces by some of these great artist, however I don’t think I was quite mature enough to truly appreciate the pieces depicting such vulgarity. We walked around the museum for about an hour before deciding to go outside to enjoy some ice cream, the sun and our surroundings.

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Our walk from the museum to dinner proved to be delightful.I kept stopping to take in the sites.

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For dinner we had an average meal of chicken and french fries. However, the desert was traditional. It was flan. This was my first time having flan, but I hated it. I decided that if a person says they like flan, they can’t be trusted. Perhaps it was just bad flan, but I thought it was disgusting. Yet, I’m glad I tried it.

At the end of the night, the girls and I decided to out out dancing to commemorate the end of our trip. Shockingly for a Monday night we were able to find a place to go. We started out at an outdoor bar, where we sat and enjoyed Sangria on the hot summer night. We thought the best way to find a fun club was to ask a local. We asked a young couple walking down the street to point us in the way of the nearest ‘discoteca’. We found the club and had a fun night dancing the night away. I even learned how to salsa dance from some locals. It felt like the perfect way to end a night in Madrid.

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