We were about to embark on the Mount Pilatus excursion.


To get up the mountain, we took a large cable car up. This cable car in the Alps is the steepest ride in the world. The windows were all open, so you could smell the air intensify in freshness as we inclined. The mountain became gradually steeper as the ground dwindled away. Driving through the mountains was so crazy because you were so close that you could touch the wall of the mountain.

Once we got off the cable car, we continued by foot. The small hike up the mountain took so much energy.

Once we got to the top, I couldn’t tell if I was out of breath from the view, being out of shape or from the altitude. We happened to bring Swiss flags on our hike. All the other tourists wanted to sue the Swiss flags we had to take pictures with. It was such a stunning view and now I’m able to say not only was I in clouds, but I was above them. Walking through a cloud is such a surreal experience. Your vision is blurred and the air is moist.

The excitement was in no way over. As we were walking back down the mountain, we saw the tiny cable car gondola we would be taking down the mountain. At this point, my hands were shaking and my knees quaked. I was petrified with fear, yet the excitement was much more overwhelming. I sat along a boulder on the side of the Alps, taking in this beautiful birds eye view of Switzerland.

We first got in a large gondola, which carried everyone. We were squished like sardines in this gondola. Luckily for me, I was pushed against a window where I could watch our descent.

Then we were separated into groups of four for our final descent with miniature gondolas. The gondola initially began to speed down the cable. We all let out a scream. It was the most exciting air roller coaster ride of my life. Once we hit solid ground, I couldn’t help but this that I belong in the clouds.