Arriving in Munich, Germany wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. from first look, it appeared to be a large modernized city much like what you could find in the United States. Yet, as we ventured further into the city it became more magnificent. The first spot we stopped at was Karlsplatz Fountain. The mist blowing from the fountain was just what we needed to cool off on a hot day.

We walked through the Karlstor to begin our journey through Munich.


We had a couple hours of free time in Munich and decided to use that time to find munich residenz. We were on the search for a palace.

In the course of our search, we wondered through the Victuals Market. The fruit and vegetables looked so vibrant and fresh.


We then checked out a beer garden where they hold Octoberfest festivities. It was great to see everyone in their lederhosen and eating large soft pretzels dipped in mustard.

By the end of our free time we finally found munich residenz. I was glad for our final destination and for the sites we saw along our journey.

We were staying on the outskirts of Munich, in Feldkirchen, Germany. For dinner we wandered into a small town to get a traditional German meal at a beer garden. The food for the most part was good, except for the potato like mush on our plates. While at diner we saw a young child drinking a beer. It was so shocking. That was one cultural difference I was not expecting to see.

Once we left the beer garden, it was apparent that our bus had broken down. There we were, a ground of 16 girls walking down the side of the autobahn, in the middle of Bavaria where there is no speed limit.