I woke up and watched the waves crash up. I was able to lay on my bed and see the ocean. Nothing can be better than that. It’s so relaxing. If I could wake up every morning to that I would be content. Yet having this one moment was more than enough for me.

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We spent another day at the beach. The tide was high today. The waves crashing up to where we had our chairs and umbrella set up. I decided it would be a good day to test my skills at sand sculpting again. I was attempting to make a shark. As I was sitting there some guy came up to me on the sand. He scooted down on the sand right up to me and said “mind if I join you”, I responded coyly “no thank you”. He then got up and sprinted away from the beach to hide out by the pool. It was nothing against him, sometimes you just need to do things on your own. Yet, it seemed that karma got to me because the tide came up and wiped away all my progress. Because of that I decided to go into the water and just spend my day wasting away in the waves.

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That night we went out to dinner at the conch dinner, which was a restaurant overlooking the ocean. It was a long wait to be seated, but I did not mind. I got a mud slide to refresh myself while I watch the waves crash on the sand. I decided to get seafood for dinner. Eating shrimp while overlooking the ocean was a great last meal by the ocean.

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After dinner, we drove past the extremely touristy section of myrtle beach. I’m glad we weren’t staying here. It was far too busy and everything was just the typical tourist like things that we have seen and done.

So we decided on taking a walk on surf side pear which was on our side of myrtle beach. It wasn’t the pier with the giant Ferris wheel that attracted the people in the touristy section. Rather it was far more peaceful. We walked done the pier among fishermen and boys alike. We saw a young kid catch a small fish and got to experience the full affect of being on a fishermen’s pier. We then walked from the pier to get ice cream across the way. A nice summer desert to end our night. Once we got back to the hotel, we took a last night stroll on the beach. The fireworks overhead took away from the tranquility of the walk, yet it was still nice to see.

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