We were off to the German Alps to see the Neuschwanstein Castle. This castle is what influenced Disney’s Cinderella’s castle. It was the most magnificent thing I have ever seen. Situated along the mountainside, it’s image being reflected off the Alpsee Lake before it. It was breathtaking. No picture will depict and no words will truly describe the beauty.


When we arrived in town we found found ourselves looking up at two castles: Neuschwanstein to the right and Hohenschwangau to the left. The road diverging upon two castles is out of every girl’s dreams.

We were headed up the slight hike up to the Neuschwanstein Castle. It was in no way a treacherous climb, yet I still get to say that I hike up the German Alps.

We took a tour through the castle, which was amazing. There was so much detail that went into every room. What was even more interesting was learning was learning about King Ludwig II who only lived in the castle for 172 days. The views from the castle were phenomenal and the castle became more and more magnificent as we drew nearer.

To descend from the castle we opted to take a horse drawn carriage ride. It was the best three Euro I’ve ever spent.


It was heartbreaking leaving such a beautiful place behind. At the end of the night, I found myself drinking cappuccinos with some of the girls debating King Ludwig the II’s death.