We are staying in New Jersey tonight, close by the Newark airport. We decided to take the bus into the city. No matter how many times I have taken the bus from New Jersey to New York, I always get flustered. Something about relying on transportation is so stressful. You have to keep to a schedule and I’m not fond of schedules. Yet, no matter, we arrived to and from New York City in one piece.

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We left the port authority bus terminal and headed to Times Square. While Times Square is not my favorite part of New York City, we decided to start with the traditional tourist route. Weaving through Times Square on a Saturday night is insane. The hustle and bustle adds to the excitement.

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I love seeing all the flashing lights for Broadway shows and listening to people banter in excitement about what play they are about to see. Even McDonald’s looks exciting, it’s name in bright lights.

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Things tend to get a bit chaotic in Times Square, people all around you are trying to get your attention. Trying to sell you something, give you a flyer or take a picture with a character.

naked cowboy! photo 1450926_10205540255846630_7885521985057931463_n.jpg

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One picture I did take was with a “Times Square Baby.” It was the creepiest, most entertaining thing I’ve seen in some time.

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I got a warm latte to sip on from Starbucks to continue on with this cold evening.

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We then walked into the M&M store. Everything in there was very cute and quirky. I wish I enjoyed M&Ms more, because I would have bought everything in the store.

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As we left Times Square, I saw a beautiful theater off Broadway. There were no flashing lights. It was classy and elegant, everything Times Square is not.

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We were then onto one of my favorite areas in NYC, Rockefeller Center. It’s not yet winter, yet you could feel the winter spirit in the air here. They have begun putting up the Christmas tree. It’s covered in scaffolding, however it is being trimmed in preparation for Christmas.

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the tree looks super pretty with scaffolding photo 10847797_10205540262646800_1196617076755107302_n.jpg

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Just as we went to look at the ice rink, we noticed that there was a couple skating and a photographer. We weren’t sure quite what was going on until he got down on one knee and proposed right in Rockefeller Center. It was one of the most romantic things I have ever seen.

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We then went passed the New York Public Library. The architecture amazes me as well as the breath of knowledge that is held in that one building.

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As we were headed back to the bus terminal, we cut through the garment district and the fashion walk of fame. I noticed a couple of the plaques, yet I wish I had time to examine them all.

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