When I heard that Niagara Falls had frozen over I had to go see it. This was not a far trip for me, I am only a short car drive from Niagara Falls. I bundled up in as many layers as I could but the frigid air found its way through the layers of fabric. The air at first wasn’t too cold, yet the closer we got to the falls, the colder it became. As we entered the usual dense mist of Niagara Falls, we were hit by ice pellets. It was a painfully cold experience. However, the view was well worth it. Niagara Falls is a winter wonderland. The trees were completely coated in snow. Every branch was dipped in ice. The wind had drifted the snow to create monstrous snow piles, where you could get a prime view of the falls. The usually cascading waterfalls crashed down in massive ice formations at the foot of the waterfall. Trudging through the snow in subzero weather was well worth it to see Niagara Falls as a winter wonderland.

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