January 2014

It’s a natural wonder and I tend to ignore it. It’s in my backyard and I don’t take full advantage. It’s massive and majestic. It is Niagara Falls.

I’ve been to the falls many times in my life, yet last winter was the first time I saw this natural wonder in the winter. It was the dead cold of January when we decided to go. I bundled up to try to protect myself from the harsh wind, yet it didn’t help much. Once we got to Niagara Falls, it felt that the temperature dropped 20 degrees since the 15 minute drive from Buffalo. Even though the wind was wretchedly cold, it was well worth it.

Seeing Niagara Falls in the winter is an experience like no other. The way the mist blew past the frozen falls was enchanting. We were only able to stay for a short amount of time before we could no longer take the cold. We stayed until our faces were numb and our bodies were shivering for we wanted to enjoy the view as long as possible.