We started the day off with a warm latte from Starbucks and an authentic New York bagel from a street vendor. We enjoyed our breakfast at a table in Central Park, which was only a short walk from our hotel. As I ate my heavily creme cheesed bagel, I watched people go on their morning runs.

 photo 1920338_10205541000865255_4800567882748015891_n.jpg

I took a cab down to Chelsea for a meeting I had.

After the meeting was over, we decided to wander to the Chelsea Hotel, since we were in the neighborhood. A little bit of rock n’ roll history took place in this hotel. This is where Sid Vicious, of the Sex Pistols, allegedly killed his girlfriend. It has a dark history, but it is a beautiful hotel.

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Next, we strolled through the city to the high line. The high line is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. They took an old railroad and made it into a park above the city. It is such an innovated use of space. Under the lush greenery, you could see iron rails peeking out. We walked half the length of the High Line. If I lived in New York City, this would be a park I would come to. It has a beautiful view of the East River. I could lounge on one of the wooden benches all day.

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We were up for a long walk that day. I stopped every so often to take a closer look at an ornate door.

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 photo 10858543_10205540948823954_9188083671359306009_n.jpg

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We went by the building which was the site of Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment in Sex in the City. I pictured myself walking up those front steps with a pair of fabulous heels on.

Carrie Bradshaw's appartment photo 988959_10205540949943982_4688579271468252422_n.jpg

Every step you take in New York City, there seems to be a different vibe to each area. At one point in our walk, I found myself surrounded by building decorated in graffiti. The buildings seemed forgotten. It was as if no one was there to watch over them. However, sometimes graffiti looks pretty cool.

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Our next stop was Chinatown. My dad did not believe me at first that we were in Chinatown, even though half of the store signs were in Chinese. Once we got to Canal Street though, he was satisfied. We entered Chinatown from a more residential area, not the shopping area. When in Chinatown, we got a couple of delicious egg rolls. After that, we entered into Little Italy. Here, we got some pizza bread, sat and people watched.

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 photo 988961_10205540955304116_1097774917653794282_n.jpg

To end the day, we walked toward the World Trade Center. It was dark out at this time, so we only looked at the Trade Center from afar.

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