It was our second day in New York City. We were staying in the city this night. We were staying in a Holiday Inn. I was astounded to see how large the room was at the Holiday Inn in Hell’s Kitchen. Usually hotel rooms in New York City are tiny. It was a pleasant surprise to get a spacious room. The view from our window was once I could get used to. We didn’t have a set plan for the day so we decided to wander and figure it out as we went.

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First we started past Lincoln Center. There was the Big Apple Circus set up in front of it, which an actual red and white tent set up in front. Standing on the sidewalk, you could hear the circus music playing.

We decided to walk along until we hit Central Park.

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We sat and ate a New York water dog while looking at the skyscrapers peaking over the foliage. There is something so poetic about a park in a city. It’s a peaceful escape from the hustle of the city. However, the skyscrapers still loomed over the trees to remind you of where you are.

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I was amused to see two nuns rollerblading through the park. I guess you should never be shocked of what you see in a city.

Two nuns casually rollerblading in Central Park #centralpark #nyc #travel #newyork #funny photo 10431670_10205281314693263_8700040878640675850_n.jpg

Weaving through the park, we made our way toward the Conservatory Pond. I take notice of all the statues around the pond, including one of Hans Christian Andersen. He was sitting still reading a book so I thought I would join him.

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The Conservatory Pond was so beautiful in the Fall. The colors of the leaves reflected beautifully. It’s something you don’t usually get in such a big city. What made the experience even better was seeing all the white toy sailboats gliding across the water.

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I saw a bird drinking by the pond. Even surrounded by so many people, the bird seemed so peaceful.

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The main statue I wanted to see while in Central Park was the Alice and Wonderland Statue. At first there were a lot of children playing on the statue, which is fitting seeing as it is Alice. It was a sculpture transformed into a playground. As Lewis Carroll wrote “Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.” So why not imagine a statue to be a playground?

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We walked out of the park onto 5th avenue. We have left tranquility to find ourselves at FAO schwarz. No matter how old I get, when I walk into this toy store I am forever a child at heart.

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We then had New York style pizza from one of my favorite places. All pizza should be New York style. The thin dough crisps to perfection. You can not go to New York City and not get pizza.

Our last stop for the evening was Grand Central Station. It is such a beautiful building, especially considering that it is simply a train station. The interior is just as if not more beautiful than the exterior of the building. It’s one of my favorite places in New York City. Watching people dash from one platform to the next, wondering where in the world they are coming from and going to.

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