We woke up early to get a complementary breakfast from the hotel.

After breakfast, we were off to go horseback riding. I have never been on a horse before.

We arrived to the farm in Salamanca, NY. We were welcomed by workers, horses, donkeys, dogs and cats.

We were then given orange vests to put on because apparently it is ‘hunting season.’ With help, I saddled up on a beautiful chestnut brown horse named Luna. I was on a horse and it didn’t even seem scary. After a few tips from the instructor, I was excited for our ride through the ‘enchanted’ mountains of Salamanca.

We didn’t get faster than a slow trot. We were up and down the mountains, through the forest and over streams. It was muddy yet beautiful y sunny out. The horse I was ridding did everything in her power not to walk in the mud. I actually did a very good job riding; that is, until I got off and fell on my butt, crashing into the large horse next to me. I was able to experience the landscape in a way I could never by foot. It was both exhilarating and relaxing at the same moment. It was everything I hoped it would be.