We all slept at my apartment so that we could drive to the airport together for our 6:30 a.m. flight. Waking up at 4:00 a.m. would usually be a struggle. However, when you are waking up to fly to the Caribbean, it is a breeze. I woke up bright eyed and ready to begin my adventure.

We didn’t have any issues getting to the airport and within no time we were up in the air.

There is something so magical about the sunrise. Yet, nothing can compare to a sunrise over the clouds. The sky is so dark when you first arrive in the sky. The clouds seemed ominous. Then, all of a sudden this burning orb enters the sky. The clouds soften to hues of pinks and oranges. Next thing you know, the sun is high above, the clouds become soft and airy. There is a angelic hue to the air. The day has begun.

 photo 11013199_10206291111457551_9145772822177240611_n_zpsbm80rmiv.jpg

Our first layover was in Philadelphia. We arrived with plenty of time to get Chipotle for breakfast. Burritos may not be a traditional breakfast, but in my opinion it should be a staple for every meal. Once we were fully fed, we maneuvered through the airport. We walked past stands selling Philadelphia pretzels and took the shuttle to our gate.

After one layover, we were finally in Puerto Rico. We had a shuttle arranged to pick us up from the airport. We were easily able to spot out the Carnival Cruise pick up spot by the bright red sign.

The moment we stepped outside, I could feel the warm tropical air. I could smell the scent of salt, taste the Caribbean Sea which was not even a mile away from me. After a long winter, 80 degree weather was appreciated.

It was a very long drive to the port. We had our luggage in tow on a shuttle bus from the airport. I found myself starring out the window, trying to take in everything on our way to Old San Juan. Locals were lounging on the beaches, enjoying the warm day in the water. Young boys were seen jumping off the bridge that connected Old San Juan to the rest of the city. The carefree attitude was emanating out of San Juan.

 photo 11038891_10206390047850899_8031239610622496384_o_zpspqvmbjxi.jpg

Before boarding the cruise ship, we first stopped at a CVS Pharmacy that was conveniently located a short walk from the cruise port. We needed some essentials: sunscreen and wine. While it was a short walk, it felt long with suitcases. Two of us were rolling our suitcases however one of the wheels feel off a suitcase, cue Ashley dragging her suitcase down the street.

 photo 11071755_10206390055051079_1614796134524771256_o_zpsjuyx3dyd.jpg

I saw some parrots by the port. These tropical birds solidified that I was in the tropics. I had entered paradise.

 photo 10914974_10206390054971077_3626824219936872120_o_zpsnyurwkun.jpg

Before we could explore San Juan, we had to check into the ship and get rid of our luggage. It was time to enter our vessel, The Carnival Valor, which would become our home for the next week.

 photo 11088763_10206390056051104_7627940187227469344_o_zpsq4vlnril.jpg

Once we checked into the ship, we had to get some food in us. We were then able to get an eagle eye view of San Juan from the top deck while enjoying some ice cream. The view that caught my interest was Fort San Cristobal in the distance. It looked like such a close walk, we had to go. Relaxation will have to wait until our eagerness for adventure fades.

 photo 11074645_10206390059411188_2435712213891515142_o_zps83loxtwy.jpg

 photo 11055282_10206390064531316_8984176398068308813_o_zpsiyna6qct.jpg

 photo 11080719_10206390063211283_3990589885405646833_o_zpsylrwoteq.jpg

On the walk to the fort, I was intrigued by the houses and buildings. I have never seen such a brightly colored place before. These Spanish Colonial style houses were painted as vibrant as the people living in them.

 photo 10273234_10206390067731396_4533233817242371775_o_zpsqu4rkvr4.jpg

 photo 11080746_10206390085731846_2166203278484794293_o_zpsrh2ztwb2.jpg

 photo 11083752_10206390095652094_2459702796678864558_o_zpsqp0xrdmo.jpg

 photo 11069628_10206391085556841_5301937382404037648_n_zpsbxashr04.jpg

After a short five minute walk, we arrived at the entrance to the San Juan National Historical Site. We walked into the office to see about touring the forts. The man working there said they would be closing shortly, so we wouldn’t be able to see inside of them. However, we were free to walk the grounds.

 photo 11075207_10206390076971627_2325898164573878833_o_zpsy32ul16n.jpg

We were able to get a good look at the stone walls that surround the city. Old San Juan is the walled city, forts built in the 1700s by the Spanish covering the entire coast. Yet, from these walls you get an excellent vantage point of the city. While these walls were originally created to spot oncoming threats to the city, they now offer pristine views of the coastline below.

 photo 887527_10206390069931451_3299757744020615732_o_zpstdjuntg6.jpg

 photo 10916353_10206390077691645_6224190918922512265_o_zpsk5xe1jwg.jpg

 photo 11088495_10206390081971752_7533953534774447508_o_zpsxdqlcnrx.jpg

 photo 10505016_10206390079331686_9078475612801569427_o_zpsng3hxib5.jpg

 photo 11000047_10152816703946242_5139294307012742374_n_zpsboq5l39u.jpg

 photo 11075273_10206390079611693_6391953024543255919_o_zpsuteksj6x.jpg

 photo 905756_10206390081411738_7730822710233775702_o_zpsvjfo233x.jpg

 photo 11082229_10206390089211933_1793288808636818115_o_zpsohjdcj7n.jpg

Fort San Cristobal was my favorite of the two forts. We were able to climb high atop the fort and see the whole city. I stepped inside many of the overhangs, also known as garitas. The view from here contrasted from the smell. A claustrophobic person would not be too queen to step in here. It was tight and reeked of a stale musty smell. The view was eerie from the small dark space. Yet, I would stand in any space to get that view of the water.

 photo 10712554_10206390087931901_250593367394724497_o_zpslsv2hplp.jpg

 photo 11050223_10206391080556716_6455775105939864271_n_zpslgtb8yfl.jpg

 photo 11026170_10206391085636843_8167314099782795854_n_zpsf2hm2phz.jpg

 photo 10258806_10206391080436713_7652776846342142250_n_zpslzdahbm7.jpg

 photo 11034218_10206391085596842_2066541041492853186_n_zpsg3ibqs05.jpg

Next to this old fort, there were warn houses beside the ocean below. Even though these houses seemed forgotten compared to the rest of the city, you can not beat the view the people living in these homes have. A material object such as a fancy home seems trivial when there is an ocean beside you. However, that is just one opinion.

 photo 11079644_10206391244000802_3263684719022906078_n_zpsgl540lhf.jpg

 photo 10420778_10206391085676844_5245099798375748706_n_zpsb2vlgda8.jpg

Between Fort San Cristobal and Fort Felipe Del Morro is the Cementerio Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis, a cemetery among the ruins of the old forts. I have never been so captivated by a cemetery in my entire life, nor did I ever think a cemetery could ever captivate me. Cemetery are usually grey. The attitude when in them tends to be bleak. However, this is not the case here in Old San Juan. Facing the Atlantic Ocean, this seems like an ideal resting place.

 photo dcc56469-e4e5-444c-bd0c-1725520a7898_zpsmjbwtwfd.jpg

 photo 11070256_10206391090436963_5615102703442946403_n_zpsyqubiear.jpg

 photo 11080994_10206391087436888_4203751266806066829_n_zpsdfmrczxn.jpg

Yet, this beautiful cemetery was not what was so compelling about the Cementerio Santa María Magdalena de Pazzis. Rather, it was the people. In the grass behind the cemetery were families relaxing and playing. Their were hundreds of kites flying in the sky. Everyone seemed happy. The cemetery bellow them did not haunt them. They were enjoying life to the fullest.

 photo 10152569_10206391087476889_3898575805110559406_n_zpsahi6p4x2.jpg

 photo 11081202_10206391087396887_7884262509463462178_n_zpsv8rt7fiy.jpg

We made it to Fort Felipe Del Morro as the sun was starting to set. We were as furthest tip of San Juan. We could not go any further unless we dove into the ocean below.

 photo 11072913_10206391090516965_5267006767368228569_n_zpsmhmwrbt0.jpg

 photo 11048683_10206391090396962_2759291011636789982_n_zpsysqtnrc4.jpg

On the way back to the cruise port, we cut through Quincentennial Square. While we did not have time to sit and enjoy the square, I was able to take in the totem pole as we cut through. The square seemed to be a peaceful spot to take in the city of San Juan.

 photo 1496083_10206390970473964_554292125591903880_o_zpsdyvdaovl.jpg

 photo 11070846_10206390973554041_7046795938453310235_o_zpskujnxbhp.jpg

The sun was almost set yet San Juan was not ready to sleep. The city was very lively for a Sunday night. The clubs and bars were full of people. I wished I had to the opportunity to stay and be a part of the nightlife. The sun was no longer shining bright on the houses, yet it was time for the people of San Juan to shine.

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