July 2011

Underage in Las Vegas. When I say underage, I don’t just mean I was under 21. I was 17 years old, jail bait running around sin city.  The sin city however isn’t very sinful at 17.

Surprisingly, there was a lot to do in Las Vegas underage. You’re destined to have the bluest of blue clear skies without a cloud in sight. It is the desert of Nevada. With the heat, we spent most of the day time in the pool. We stayed at the Mirage and the pool was an oasis. There was a waterfall cascading into the pool. The water was cool and refreshing and allowed us to cool down in the 100 degree dry heat. I had to get a little sinful and sip on a margarita in the pool, strictly to cool down of course.

My uncle said that Vegas is the best of it all, you get to see the whole world in one place. You get to see Paris, Venice, Rome and New York by just walking down one street. But it’s not the same. Yet, at the time this was all I needed. It wasn’t Paris and it wasn’t Venice but it was Vegas and it was unique, bright and exciting. Las Vegas is unlike anywhere else.

I hope to go back to Las Vegas now that I’m 21, so that I can enjoy more of what the sin city has to offer. I saw the hotels and the sites, now I want to enjoy the nightlife and experience the scandal Vegas has to offer.

Las Vegas