Sint Maarten was an extremely walk-able port. I could see the Phillipsburg from the cruise dock. We walked from the dock to the main town on the Dutch side. The walk wasn’t long at all, it took us approximately ten minutes to make it into town. During our walk along the busy road, I watched as ferries brought passengers from the dock into town. Taking the ferry and walking seemed to take about the same amount of time, so I didn’t see the point of paying for the ferry. Yet, if you don’t want to or are unable to make the walk then the ferry is a good option.

When we arrived in Phillipsburg everything was quaint and picturesque.  Small bridges over the marinas in town allowed us to peak at the boats washed ashore. The water was so clear that you could see the pebbles shining through the water.

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Crossing this bridge, the town was to our right and the beach to our left. There was nothing between the two. No gate, just the side walk between. People kept stopping us to ask if we wanted a taxi to the ‘best beach on the island.’ Yet, why would we pay to go to another beach? Even if the beach in town was the worst beach in the Caribbean, it’s still a Caribbean Beach so how bad could it be?

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The beach was gorgeous but the sand was a little hard. It seemed to be matted down to the earth, making laying in the sand pretty uncomfortable. Even though this was the Dutch side of the island, there were French people everywhere. Along with that, there were people smoking on every turn. The concrete sand had become an ash tray for travelers. While we were laying and attempting to relax, we heard people wizzing around on segways right on the beach.  One man fell off his segway onto the rock solid ground. It must have been painful.

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Even though the sand was uncomfortable, the water was amazing. It was calm and a blue that I once thought was unimaginable. A blue that you see in paintings. I laid back and floated in the calm Caribbean. Finally I found a relaxing spot to lay. The only thing that got me out of the water was the sound of my stomach grumbling over the soft sea waves.

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We found a restaurant serving burgers and sandwiches in town. I’m not sure the name of the restaurant, but they are a dime a dozen in Sint Maarten. The main reason why we picked this particular restaurant is because they had affordable food and a view of the beach. We ate on an outdoor patio and all I could think the entire time was that I had to be looking at a painting because this view couldn’t be real.

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It was so hot out that we didn’t explore too much of Phillpsburg. We made it through town after lunch then quickly made a bee line for a smoothie at Le Petite Cafe. The smoothie was perfectly refreshing. One of my friends spilled her smoothie all over the ground as soon as we got them. She knocked her knee onto the table and it spilled to the floor. She was on all fours cleaning up the mess and no one seemed to notice. They only took notice when we pointed it out to the people there. The workers helped us clean up the mess and remade her smoothie.

After lunch we wandered further down the beach where there were fewer people and the sand was smoother. We sat at the boat dock before finding a spot on the beach. There’s something so calming about just watching the water. We swam in the calm Caribbean until we had to leave. The water was the warmest I’ve ever been in, even warmer than the air. It was one of the most peaceful days I’ve had on my entire cruise. This was the perfect last port of call.

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Details:  7 Day Southern Caribbean Cruise with Carnival Cruise!