Here I am, sitting on a plane somewhere over the Pacific Ocean. The ocean. We are flying over an ocean. It’s funny because this plane feels so massive, yet over the expansive ocean we are minuscule. We are just a small plane, full of people traveling to Amsterdam. Some are traveling back home, while others including myself are about to embark on an adventure of a lifetime.

It’s finally starting to sink in. This is my first trip to Europe and until I woke up this morning I don’t think I quite believed it. It still hasn’t fully hit me yet.

Sunset from my plane window

I’m currently writing in the dark because even though it feels like 8:00 pm, it’s the middle of the night in Amsterdam. I guess I should attempt to get some sleep, try to assimilate and ready myself for the difference in time zone. As soon as we land we are going to be off the ground and running beginning with a full day in Amsterdam. I can’t wait. I have wanted to travel Europe my whole life. I hope I haven’t been over-romanticizing the moment. I can’t imagine I did though. If anything, I’m probably underestimating the beauty and wonder in store for me.

There is just so much history, so much culture. When you think about what has molded these countries and cities, it’s extraordinary.

My thoughts are currently in a thousand different places. I’m going to try to focus on each place at a time. I don’t want to think ahead and I don’t want to think behind. I want to try to truly immerse myself and appreciate each place and each culture at hand.