We were on our way to Munich. On our way we stopped in Ulm, Germany. Ulm happens to be the hometown of my bus driver, Albert Einstein and the world’s tallest cathedral.

Within the first five minutes of being in the city I saw multiple accordion players. It was clear that I was in a different world. A place culturally different. A place not like home.

Ulm Minster, the world’s tallest cathedral. Better known as the cathedral that is nearly impossible to get in a photo. It was big. It was beautiful. It was grand. Unfortunately we did not have time to explore inside the cathedral. Yet, the view from outside was enough.

I asked a man to take a photo of us. He did not speak a word of English. It took a game of charades to get my question across. When he went to take the photo, he laid on the ground to get the shot. The picture came out horrible. However the effort was there. He was attempting to get the whole cathedral into the photo. It did not work.

Next, we were on the search for the Albert Einstein house. This was a map-less search.


Fortunately though we found the house. Contrary to what we thought, the actual house no longer stands. In its  place is a museum. We took a look at a few print photos of Einstein before asking for directions to the infamous Albert Einstein fountain. The woman at the museum gave us directions. We wandered in what we thought was the right direction. We couldn’t find it however. Fortunately though we stumbled upon a park facing the Danube River.

After pulling ourselves from the River, we stopped in a small cafe where again no one spoke English. This is the first place I’ve been to where no one spoke any English. The culture shock in starting to set in.