Our stop to Verona was too short. We took a walk past the Verona Arena. It had the classic columns on similar to the ancient Colosseum. Yet, this one seemed perfectly preserved, still standing in all it’s glory. We did not go all the way into the Arena, yet we made it through the door. We stood in one of the entrances to get a peak inside.

Our main reason for this stop though was to see Juliet’s balcony. It was just a small square, but there was a certain giddiness to the air. The square was full of hope, love, lust and wonder. It is fulfilling for any romantic to see the balcony.

As you walked in there was graffiti on the walls. People even put up bandages, which must resemble a broken heart needing mending. My tour director insisted on taking a photo of me in front of the wall, saying that “You are Juliet today.”

Couples put locks on the fence. While there are many places in Europe with love locks, there is just something about love locks in Verona.

We took photos with the statue of Juliet. Everyone rubbed the right breast of the statue. It was for good luck with love I assume.

As we were leaving, we wrote our names on the graffiti.


We finished our stop with a quick slice of pizza as we weaved our way through the small streets of Verona.