We were headed to Versailles.

I was so excited to go here, mostly because of my slight obsession with Marie Antoinette. On the way from Paris to the Palace of Versailles, I exclaimed that I loved the French Revolution. Then I realized how terrible that sounded. No I do not love war. Yet, the revolution marked the turning point in French society.

Being in the Palace of Versailles was stepping into history, getting a glimpse at how the French Monarchs lived. The preservation and restoration of the palace and grounds are magnificent.

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The gardens seemed to go on forever. You could easily get lost among the hedges. Yet, getting lost here would be a sweet dream not a bitter nightmare.

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We only had so long in the gardens. I used my time to take in the pristinely manicured shrubbery reflected in the pools. There was not a ripple in the waters to disturb the image. The reflections were perfectly mirrored.

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I studied some of the the statues as I lingered in the gardens.

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Yet, pulling myself away from the gardens wasn’t so hard because we were going on a tour of the Palace of Versailles itself.

Each room we stopped in was more extraordinary than the last. There was so much detail in each room, that my eyes couldn’t take it all in.

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The hall of mirrors was spectacular. At that moment, everyone had their cameras out. We had to attempt to capture this stunning design.

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I couldn’t believe that I was in the rooms where these powerful French Monarchs slept, ate and enjoyed the simple and not so simple things in life. They slept, they ate and they enjoyed a lavish lifestyle.

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