I have decided to spend my life chasing waterfalls. It will be a life full of discovery, where no day is alike.

This endeavor has brought me to Glen Park in Williamsville, New York. I came to see Glen Falls.

I remember coming to this park as a child. There was an old cider mill we would walk to. We would drink cider as we wandered through the park. Back then it seemed like such an adventure, the park so large, I so small.

The cider mill no longer stands and the park no longer seems so large. Yet, it was still an adventure. I barely remembered the falls. They stood much larger than I imagined. I was truly impressed. Glen Park is nestled within a community. To be able to walk from an office building and see a waterfall must be amazing. There were even houses whose backyard faced Glen Falls. Can you imagine seeing such a beautiful thing from your backyard?

The squirrels and ducks made the park come alive as they scurried through the fallen leaves.

It was a bright sunny day, there was a bicycle as yellow as the sun was bright at one entrance of the park.


The leaves were vibrant and beautiful, the perfect backdrop for the waterfall.

On this warm day there were many people scattered around the park. There were couples sitting by the ponds and looking at scenery.

One man was in his waders, fishing in the stream off the waterfall. He was enjoying all the beautiful day had to offer.