This was my second time visiting Madrid and I can sense it won’t be my last. This city just speaks to me. Its’ streets equally calm yet excite me. Its’ pastel pink churches brings me peace. It is a place where I feel comfortable getting lost. A place where no matter how many twists and turns I take, I find my way back to the city center. Yet, I didn’t always feel this way. My first visit to Madrid was on a whirlwind three week trip across Western Europe. On that trip, we visited eight countries, countless cities and Madrid was the last. I remember having an amazing time exploring Madrid and drinking Sangria until the wee hours in the morning. Yet, our day in Madrid was overshadowed by the other destinations on that trip. 

I decided to come back for a proper visit to Madrid. We spent four days in Madrid and I was not disappointed. By the end of these fours day, I let me feet and heart guide me through this Spanish capital. After spending a few days in the city, I decided that Madrid is a quiet beauty. Its’ soft colors and subtle designs don’t demand attention. But if you give it a moment and truly look at Madrid, you will its’ beauty. Madrid has a beauty so delicate that I find myself sighing at the thought of it. Here are 12 photos to inspire you to visit Madrid:  

Royal Palace of Madrid – Interior MadridSabatini Gardens – View of the Royal Palace of MadridMadridSabatini GardensMadridPlaza MayorMadridTemple of DebodMadridThe Church of San GinésMadridBookstore outside the Chocolatería San GinésMadridThe Westin Palace Iglesia San Jerónimo el Real Madrid

Palacio de Cristol MadridView of the Gran Vía from Círculo de Bellas ArtesMadridSunset from Círculo de Bellas ArtesMadrid