We made our journey to Salamanca, NY the day before Ellicottville Fall Festival was scheduled to start. We did this because driving on the day of the Fall Festival is a nightmare.

On the ride in I realized that we are not in Buffalo anymore. We saw all different kinds of animals, including donkeys. I have never seen donkeys before, so we decided to pull over to get a better look.


As Christopher Columbus had once discovered and as I am constantly discovering is that the world is certainly not flat. As we neared closer to our destination, the landscape before us sprawled out into hills of beautiful foliage. We kept stopping to take in the view.


We have never been to Allegany State Park before. Since we were already in the area, we decided that we must go.

As we entered the park, we found ourselves at Red House Lake. The water was so clear and beautiful. Even though we did find a dead fish washed up on shore. You could almost image yourself swimming there under the warm summer sun. Alas, it was a cool fall day.

We saw and stopped at multiple waterways in the park, each more beautiful than the last.

On our ride we ever saw a small ‘hobbit hole’ looking house. It was over water, so maybe it was just a very classy beaver dam. (My imagination tends to run rampant…)


Our next stop was the thunder rocks. The car shuttered and shoot as we took the car off the main road.We followed a gravel stricken road until we made it to our destination. The rock conglomerations were massive and seemingly endless. I couldn’t believe what I was looking at. It didn’t seem natural, even though it was.