We took an hour stop to the capital of Switzerland, Bern.

Bern was what I pictured a typical Swiss town to look like. The red roofed houses sat on the mountainside along the hills, facing the crystal clear Aare River.The colors of the scene were so beautiful. The red contrasted against the blues of the water and the sky.

The first thing we saw upon our arrival was the Bärengraben, or bear pit. These bears were in an enclosure right next to the river. If I were a bear, I would be very happy about living in such a beautiful place.

We walked around a little while and saw the clock tower, Zytglogge, which is a city landmark. The closer we got to the clock tower, the more detail we could see.

We also saw the city hall, which in my opinion bares resemblance to a town hall from an old fairy tale. We joked and decided it looked like it could be found in the town of Shrek.


The city looked preserved in time. Most of the shops sold antiques and there was chocolatiers on every corner. We walked into a chocolate store to look around. The prices were steep though. Yet, Swiss chocolate in uncomparable so I could understand spending the money.


There were old fountains that were very intrinsic in design all around. I was rather found of these. I wanted to examine every detail on them.


We then decided to explore. We found a pathway that led down to the Aare River. It took a lot of energy to walk down and up it, yet it was worth it. We found ourselves at a little park along the river and were able to stick our feet in and enjoy the view. I have never been so happy to dip my feet into a river. Yet, rivers in Switzerland are unlike any other in the world.