We have finally made it to France. This is the country I have always dreamed of traveling to.

Our first stop in France was Dijon, aka the mustard capital.

Here we looked around at the local architecture. We went into a little park named Jardin Darcy where we saw the polar bear statue, Pom Pom.

We strolled through the city, walked beneath the Arc Dijon Bourgogne to explore the rest of Dijon.

I especially enjoyed the flags along the buildings. They added vibrancy to the stone walls of the city.

I’m glad to finally be in a French city with my French tour guide, Pierre.


The Palace of the Dukes of Burgundy was extraordinary to see. I let the jumping fountain spray at my feet as I took in the architecture of the palace. We caught a glimpse inside to see a opulent staircase.

As we further explored Dijon, we saw Notre Dame Dijon. Seeing this made me excited to see Notre Dame in Paris.

Then we were off on our own. We wanted to wander further into the city to view the interesting roof design that were typical to the area. These were very bright and unique and were something I was not expecting to see in a French city.

We walked and tried on dresses in a French boutique. The woman in the store spoke no English at all, which I realized is in fact very typical in France. Since we were in Dijon, we stopped in a mustard store. I bought a small sample of mustard to bring home. I must have sounded like I spoke fluent French, because the woman at the store struck up a conversation with me.

As we were leaving Dijon, we found ourselves in the Main Square facing a traditional carousel. Carousels perfectly capture the essence of France. While in the square we heard a boy playing guitar and singing in the street. It was one of the first time I heard music in the native tongue of the country we were visiting. It was beautiful to hear. It was also very fitting because I read that 40% of the music played on French radio must be in French.

Dijon had that level of elegance that you picture all French cities to have, yet there was also a hint of quirkiness. While we did not know where it led, we found ourselves following an owl trail. It brings you to the points of interest around Dijon.