We started the day with a bus guided site seeing tour of Munich, Germany. Our first stop was Nymphenburg Palace. It was huge and the gardens outside were beautiful.

We got very close to a giant swan, which was both scary and exciting because swans are both vicious and beautiful.

As we were at the palace, it started to drizzle. Good thing we were back on the bus for our guided tour. The tour director pointed out a few sites, including a Nazi headquarters. Driving by it once was overwhelming enough. Yet, to the people of Munich who have to pass it daily, it must serve as a constant reminder of the past. We then drove past the 1972 Olympic site. This was very cool for many reasons: I have always loved the Olympics, the architecture was very impressive and the history from the 1972 games is interesting.

Our last stop was the BMW headquarters. I didn’t think this would necessarily peak my interest. Yet, it was funny looking around at the cars like they were a work of art while watching other people actually shop for the vehicle like it was simply a necessity.

We went to a traditional German beer garden for dinner, where we had bratwurst and pretzels. It wasn’t bad. To me the sausage just tasted like breakfast sausage.