It was our last morning in Myrtle Beach. We woke up the earliest we have all week in order to enjoy our last few hours at the ocean. It was overcast when we got down to the beach, yet the sun was still peaking out every now and then. I sat overlooking the water, allowing the beauty and serenity to sink in. Not one person was in the water at this time. I was able to see a clear horizon of beautiful vast water seemingly untouched by the hand of a human. The water was so calm, it was the calmest it’s been all week. The waves were just ripples in the water. We were just floating in the Atlantic allowing the small waves to move us around.

Everything seemed so peaceful until I saw a shark chomp down at the small fish swimming in the wave. The shark was no more than a couple inches behind my dad’s back. My dad asked, “what was that, a fish?” which I responded “kind of a fish, it just got eaten by a shark.” After that I slowly backed out of the water. It was a good indicator that it was time for us to leave the beach. We sat and dried ourseleves in the beach chairs as it slowly started to drizzle. We packed up and headed inside. As soon as we made it inside it started to downpour. Packing up our hotel and looking on at the torrential rain, hearing the thunder roar and clammer, we knew it was our time to go. Mother nature was on our side. It did not rain once during our stay until we were ready to leave.

Bye, myrtle beach. It's been real. ?? #myrtlebeach #beach #ocean #sand #seashore #vacation #trip #travel photo 10553380_10204597250632089_2030576149767596236_n.jpg

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