The drive was long. It seemed to be never ending and encompassed days on end. Yet in reality it only took 14 hours, over the course of 2 days to reach paradise. And quite frankly, I slept through half of the drive anyhow.

We’re not staying right on Myrtle Beach, yet we are right down the strip at Surfside Beach. I think I like it even more so than when we stayed at Myrtle Beach. It’s quieter, more relaxing. We have a ocean front room on the second floor of our hotel. The walk to the beach is shorter than at any hotel, at any beach I have ever stayed. 10 short feet and you are in the Pacific Ocean. We arrived around 3 and went straight to the water upon arrival and check in. I forgot how warm southern water can be. The water washing up on the shore was boiling under the hot sun. The water was much warming than I’ve been in sometime as we most recently traveled to beaches from Virginia northward.

 photo 10606331_10204615198880784_8196190853713857725_n.jpg

After jumping some waved and getting used to the slight burn of salt in my eyes, we sat along the edge of the water allowing the waves to wash up under our chairs. It was the perfect way to take in the beautiful scene before us.

Deciding it was time to leave the beach, my dad and I took a quick dip in the hot top. The hot water singed our tanning skin until it alleviating the burning sensation and started to sooth.

We took a drive up to the new apparent billion dollar ‘boardwalk’ at Myrtle Beach. It was nothing but a sidewalk, where you could barely see the water. It was nice but not as nice as they let on.

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We then went to Broadway at the Beach, where all the activity is in Myrtle Beach. We strolled through, smelling the sweet scent of cotton candy in the air as we weaved past the rides and towards the restaurants.

 photo 10409428_10204615299443298_4360859699335018936_n.jpg

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We decided to eat at a burger joint, where we could sit outside and watch all the commotion play out. We saw men playing garbage can drums and people walking around with balloon hats.

 photo 10632864_10204615296083214_7897260198955841028_n.jpg

After dinner it was time for pecan praline samples, which is my moms favorite memory of myrtle beach. They were a sweet little treat, but all you needed was that small free sample you were given. Next it was to Margaritaville, which is my dad’s favorite place to go. Since I am now 21, we sat outside by the tiki bar and enjoyed our salty sour margaritas over the water.

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It began getting muggy and late, so we decided to head back toward our hotel. When we got back to the hotel we took a short walk on the beach, where we saw firework being shot off close down the beach. Finally it was time to relax on the balcony, listening to the waves crash in and the crickets chirp as I readied myself for bed.