The haze of a fuzzy day
Sun not shinning
But a burning shade
Waves crashing
Up the sand
So relaxing
Up on the land

I awoke to a beautiful, warm day. The sun way not yet shinning but the heat was evident. When I walked out into the balcony, my glasses fogged up from the difference in temperature. I decided to walk down to the beach to take a few photos before the influx of people overtook the sand. We watched the lemonade girl push her heavy cart through the sand. It seemed like an exhausting job.

 photo 10592657_10204615309563551_4463112745261777039_n.jpg

 photo 10616059_10204615311243593_4231600910866197542_n.jpg

 photo 10298914_10204615351404597_8167490287099185760_n.jpg

 photo 10625159_10204615355244693_6745509139092403880_n.jpg

 photo 10626774_10204615355964711_3605499959637181589_n.jpg

Well that looks like a fun job... #frozenlemonaid #lemonaidstand #beach #sand #water #ocean #myrtlebeach #travel photo 10609471_10204584239106809_2740769585252473187_n.jpg

When we first got to the beach we saw an odd fish jumping in and out of the water. It could have been a shark, I’m not really sure. Then again it is shark week so my mind is in a shark tank. My dad and I then stood at the edge of the water to sift through sand. He is always trying to find shark teeth, and I am always trying not to find sharks teeth. I like to think that I am not in shark infested water. Yet, he always seems disappointing that there are no sharks close to shore chomping down and loosing teeth.

We spent a full hot day on the beach, only coming in to grab a quick bite to eat for lunch.

While sitting in the sand, my beach chair broke. All of a sudden, my chair was lopsided in the sand. I looked down to see a rusted off medal rode dangling from the end of the chair. It was finally time to get ride of that old chair.

While at the edge of the water, I took my time to make a sand sculpture. I ended up carving a mermaid into the sand. It wasn’t the best work, but I was proud of it. I ever saw a couple people stop to admire and take pictures of it, which made me feel even more proud.

Mermaids are magnificent so I sculpted one in the sand #sand #sandsculpture #sandcastle #mermaid #underthesea #ocean #beach #myrtlebeach #seashore #seacreature #vacation #travel photo 10543637_10204576318868808_7577545180417697232_n.jpg

It was a long day at the beach. I could tell that I even burnt, which was funny because it was one day out of barely any that I actually put sunscreen on. After the beach we ate at Chick-fil-A to enjoy some southern fast food. To end off our day, we took a drive through The Market Common, a cute neighborhood with colorful condos. If I were to live in myrtle beach, that is where I would live.