We woke up and had out usual day at the beach. It seemed however that the jelly fish were upon us. In our small section of the beach I saw 15 different people get stung in a relatively short time frame. This would scare any normal person out of the water. Yet, there my dad and I were out in the water jumping the waves with seemingly no fear. Yet, I was afraid. I just didn’t let the fear keep me from having a good time. I enjoyed the waves, staying closer in than we usually would. Luckily we survived the day without being stung. To end off our beach day, my dad and I played catch in the water and it was a blast.

We then were headed to Murrels Inlet for the night. This brought us to a walk among the marshes. There were goats and birds along the marshes. It was a good way to get in tune with the natural surroundings of the area.

 photo 10616665_10204615357084739_7770223446476909857_n.jpg

 photo 10600541_10204615357124740_5578039864018603323_n.jpg

We are at a restaurant called Bubba’s Love Shak overlooking the marshes and goats. I had a seafood bisque, which was the perfect food to eat seeing as this was considered to be the best area to get sea food in South Carolina.

 photo 10519239_10204615358004762_5418144795777237898_n.jpg

After we finished eating we walked around and looked at vendors along the walkway and enjoyed the sound of music coming from restaurants as we weaved in and out of the walkways along the marshes. The brightly painted boats contrasted against the wet lands.

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The sun began to set as we walked along the murrels. The beautiful sunset cast an orange glow on the water. Sunsets are always beautiful, even more so when you are by water. This specific sunset at Murrels Inlet felt so surreal. It’s funny though, because the sunset only seemed to light up one side of the sky. In one way we turned, the sky was a dim dark purple hue opposed to the vibrant orange of the sky 180 degrees around.

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When we got back to the hotel someone on the beach was setting off fireworks and it actually was a pretty decent display. We went for a walk on the beach with flashlights. Unfortunately we didn’t see anything exciting, like crabs in the sand. Yet it was useful because the moon was dimmed by the clouds. The walk along the water was great with the water hitting our feet and the fireworks overhead.