Niagara Falls: Winter Wonderland

Everyone goes to Niagara Falls in the Summer. While I love going to the falls on a warm Summer day, I also love seeing Niagara FallsĀ in the dead of winter. Yes, it’s cold. But it is equally as beautiful. With a fresh coat of snow, I would argue that Niagara Falls is at its peak of beauty in the Winter. Even though it is freezing, the falls can not be stopped. They rarely freeze, only having been said to “completely’ freeze over a handful of times. Living fifteen minutes from Niagara Falls, I have the luxury to see them whenever I want. Bundling up to face the cold is worth it to see the Falls in freezing temperatures.

Parking is free in the Winter. We took the closest spot we could find so we wouldn’t have to walk as far in the cold. We arrived at the park a little late, as we were walking through the shoveled pathways, the street lights turned on, illuminating our walk. The walk felt like it took forever, when it only took minutes. It took five minutes to walk from the parking lot to the viewpoint of Niagara Falls. As I walked, I started to hearĀ the thunder of the falls rapidly growing louder.

The closer you get to the water, the colder it gets. Even after bundling up, I was still cold. My teeth were chattering but the view was well worth it. Everything was frozen, it was truly a winter wonderland. Well, everything but the waterfalls were frozen. While it is beautiful, it’s unbearable to stay in the cold for too long. A trip to Niagara Falls in the Winter is bound to be a much shorter trip than in the Summer. There are less things to do because it is too cold to go under the mist of the Falls.

My favorite thing was the frozen viewfinders. It’s pretty difficult to find the view when the spot you look out of is frozen over. The views were fantastic even though the view finder was useless in the cold. Even better was that this view was practically all mine. Besides ourselves, there was only one small tour group and a few families. In the summer months, you have to fight through the hoard of tourists to get to the desired railing spot. On this cold winter night, we have an entire railing to ourselves. Views like this are worth putting on a few extra layers of clothing.

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