We arrived at our hotel just outside Nuits-Saint-Georges, France. Here we enjoyed a delightful meal of a stuffed beef cuisine. It was a bread-like substance stuffed with beef. It was delicious. To top off the wonderful meal, we had a light creme dessert with fresh fruit on the side.

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After dinner, we decided to take a walk into Nuits-Saint-Georges. It was only a 10 minute walk from our hotel. This little town is in the center of the local wineries in Burgundy.

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The town was very cute and it was surprisingly busy for the time of night.

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There was outdoor music playing, so we got a glass of local wine and ate some cheese. It felt very French. During that day I realized that the French do smile, at least the French in Burgundy. The limestone we walked on was pink, the sky had a tinge of pink as the sun set and we drank pink wine.

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