We arrived in Paris. This is the moment I have been waiting for all my life. It is the city of love and the city of lights. I have already fallen in love with the city.

As we were driving in, I could see the Eiffel Tower in the distance. I was ecstatic. Even from far away, it was everything I imagined it to be.

Even our hotel was beautiful and the epitome of Parisian style. I thought I must have been dreaming.

I sat and took a look at the map in excitement of the day ahead of us.

 photo 10169176_10203787431758278_880849058554885341_n_zpsec705444.jpg

We took the subway to downtown Paris.

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The subway let us out right in front of the Paris opera house. As we walked up the stairs of the underground, we were faced with a breathtaking view.

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The streets were full of history and luxury. Everything in Paris seemed to be symmetrical including the buildings and even the trees.

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We walked past an outdoor carnival and through the Tuileries Garden. The park was full of art and sculptures, including the temporary exhibit by Louise Bourgeois.

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While here we took in our view of the Eiffel tower while cooling under the shade of one of the perfectly trimmed trees.

 photo IMG_1047_zps5ec2bf85.jpg

 photo IMG_1050_zpsfb26873c.jpg

 photo IMG_1052_zps9e322c07.jpg

We then took a walk over our first love lock bridge in Paris.

 photo IMG_1064_zpscb148cae.jpg

 photo IMG_1066_zpsfb060259.jpg

 photo IMG_1069_zps0766e882.jpg

From across the bridge, we got a wonderful view of the Lourve and Notre Dame across the water.

 photo IMG_1068_zps66292c6b.jpg

 photo IMG_1062_zpsa3f34da6.jpg

We then made a trek back across another love locked bridge back into the Tuileries Garden. I’ve decided that I am in love with love lock bridges.

 photo IMG_1076_zps650de8f2.jpg

 photo IMG_1111_zps61aa28f7.jpg

Here we saw more sculptures and shrubbery that was almost sculptures in itself.

 photo IMG_1078_zps099eee08.jpg

 photo IMG_1080_zps042a76ab.jpg

 photo IMG_1084_zps67769c77.jpg

 photo IMG_1089_zps8ad0d4a1.jpg

 photo IMG_1091_zpsd62b900a.jpg

After strolling through the park, we found ourselves at the Lourve. It was much larger than I expected. This can be said about the city as a whole.

 photo IMG_1092_zpsaccaf6fb.jpg

 photo IMG_1097_zpsacb7a815.jpg

 photo IMG_1107_zps8140e31b.jpg

Walking under the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel was more than my eyes could take. I couldn’t event focus on the amount of detail on the arc.

 photo IMG_1094_zpsef367fed.jpg

 photo IMG_1098_zps7edac26f.jpg

I took the traditional photo in front of the Lourve Pyramid and shockingly succeeded in touching the tip in the first shot.

 photo IMG_1102_zps6b90b393.jpg

 photo IMG_1108_zps8c9c38fe.jpg

We went to the Latin Quarter to get dinner. It was nice to get out of the scorching hot sun for a short while. Except the booth I was sitting on was upholstered in velvet. We then walked over to Notre Dame.

 photo IMG_1130_zps506f0ae0.jpg

 photo 10526140_10203115353298359_3596282071654450690_n_zpsfce0e5b3.jpg

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A few of the girls and I decided to walk around inside. It was beautiful, especially the stained glass. We walked in complete silence, taking in our surroundings, pausing to cross ourselves with holy water.

 photo IMG_1143_zpsb8d7f9e4.jpg

 photo 10527820_10204382102453519_8524820852383249014_n_zps9986beeb.jpg

We then walked around the Latin Quarter, in and out of shops, past restaurants. This part of Paris was alive with tourists at this point in the night.

 photo IMG_1119_zpsc08cf348.jpg

 photo IMG_1127_zpsf67e9b64.jpg

After our free time, we met up in St. Micheal’s Square. The fountain of St. Micheal was simply divine, in both senses of the word.

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