Approaching the Royal Palace of Madrid, you will see its’ grandeur from afar. Its’ off-white marble peering over the tree line kind of grandeur. Walking through the Jardines de Lepanto offered a lovely taste of the palace. The gardens were lingered with people enjoying a leisurely Fall stroll…. with a palace in the foreground! I strolled with a bit more rigorously than the locals, in excitement to see the Royal Palace up close. While the Royal Palace of Madrid can be appreciated from afar, it is best experienced close-up.  Royal Palace of MadridWe purchased our tickets and were immediately granted access to the Palace. Due to our Fall visit, there were barely any lines or any crowds. We took some time to walk around the courtyard, taking in the up-close views of the Palace, its’ off-white facade and its’ delicate gold details. I love the attention to detail in the Royal Palace of Madrid. While its’ exterior has a monotone color palate, its’ details are so beautiful. Royal Palace of Madrid

My favorite spot in the courtyard is the arches. The arches overlook greater Madrid and the mountains in the distance. And the view is magnificent! Royal Palace of MadridRoyal Palace of Madrid

After thoroughly enjoying the exterior, we headed inside the Royal Palace of Madrid. The light and airy entry way echoed the color palate of the exterior and the rest of Madrid, soft off-white and pastel pink. While the exterior and the entry way are understated, the rooms in the palace are full of ornate decorations. Royal Palace of Madrid

Walking up the large marble staircase, the ornate details came into view; from the velvet coat of arms to the marble lion statues on both sides of the staircase. Photos are not permitted past this point, so I snapped my last few before touring the Palace.  

The interior of the Royal Palace of Madrid is expansive and elaborately decorated. We opted out of the audio tour, yet a self-guided tour was very easy to follow. Each room was more ornate the the next. And each had its’ own individualized theme for decorations. From impressive frescos and chandeliers, textured wallpaper and beautiful rugs; the details were incomparable. All the rooms are spectacular yet my favorite is the Porcelain Room, which is covered floor to ceiling in porcelain. While exploring, I kept my eye out for clocks, as there are 215 throughout the Palace!

Once we finished touring each room, we headed outside of the Palace. En route to explore more of Madrid, we passed Sabatini Gardens. Sabatini Gardens offers the most incredible view of the Royal Palace of Madrid. The gardens are a well manicured maze that look over the Palace.  I spent some time walking through Sabatini Gardens, taking in some final views of the Royal Palace of Madrid. 

Royal Palace of Madrid

Practical Information:

Tickets: 10 

Hours: Summer: 10:00 a.m. – 8:00p.m ; Winter: 10:00 a.m. – 6p.m

*Gardens are open and free all day!