Ride a Scuba Scooter in Curacao: Aquafari

Aquafari is an underwater adventure in Curacao, where you get to ride on an underwater scuba scooter. Curacao is one of only seven places in the world where you can have this experience, making this is a bucket list experience you have to try while on your Caribbean vacation! This underwater scuba scooter allows you to experience the underwater world without gear and any prior knowledge of scuba diving. But don’t worry, you will be accompanied by a certified diver.

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How Does a Scuba Scooter Work?

The Aquafari scuba scooters are equipped with bell-shaped glass helmets that are supplied with oxygen from a scuba-dive tank. And these tanks supply enough oxygen for the entire duration of the trip.  These oxygen-filled helmets allow you to breathe normally underwater. It might not seem possible, but trust me, this is legit! Think about putting a cup underwater, how there is still air trapped inside. This is essentially the same concept.   

Aquafari Squba Scooter

The Aquafari Scuba Scooter Experience

I arrived at Pirate Bay Curacao Beach Club and Restaurant, where Aquafari is located. Before getting in the water, there is a training video. The training video quickly debriefs you on everything you need to know about using the scuba scooters. This includes how to operate the scooters, hand symbols to communicate underwater and where the tour would take you. We lathered on sunscreen, changed into our swimsuits, and put our belongings in our assigned lockers.

In order to access your scuba scooter, you must swim out to reach them. However, if you are not a strong swimmer, the divers will bring the scooter to the shore for beach access.

Once you are out by the scooters, the diver will signal when it is time to access your scooter. Getting into the scooter is very easy, all you have to do is swim under the helmet and sit down on the seat.

Make sure to clear your ears anytime you feel the pressure. This can be done by plugging your nose and blowing or by yawning. Once your ears are pressurized, the diver will slowly lower your scuba scooter further underwater. The divers will lower your scooter twice until you are 20 feet deep. Remember not to panic! While a scuba scooter is a unique experience, you are completely safe. The diving instructors will be around to guide you if you need any assistance. But if you do start to panic, just get out of the scooter and swim to the surface. At 20 feet deep, you are safe to do so.

After I got my ears adjusted and comfortable being 20 feet deep in the Caribbean, the experience was incredible! The Aquafari scuba scooter experience lasted for 1 hour. During this 1 hour experience, we were able to go past various reefs and see tons of fish. It was interesting to see people above you in some areas snorkeling and below you scuba diving. Curacao is truly a wonderful place to experience the underwater world.  

Aquafari Squba Scooter Aquafari Squba Scooter

Aquafari Information 

Cost: $115 per person. Photo packages are an additional fee 

Duration: Approximately 1 hour (Not including prep time)

For more information, visit the official website!

Aquafari Squba Scooter

What to Bring

Swimsuit: There is no wetsuit needed for this excursion. I opted to wear a fuller coverage swimsuit so I wouldn’t have to worry about adjusting it while on the scuba scooter. 

Towel: Make sure to bring a towel! I suggest packing a quick-dry towel with you. 

Sunscreen: Even though you’re underwater, you may still get burnt! Make sure to bring plenty of sunscreen with you. 

Aquafari Squba Scooter

Come Join My Journey was welcomed on this excursion as a guest of Aquafari and the Curaçao Tourism Board, however, my opinion is as always my own.