Spectacular Ice Volcano at Letchworth State Park

In the dead of winter, when the temperatures dip below freezing, a spectacular natural phenomenon occurs in Letchworth State Park. Visiting Letchworth State Park in the winter allows you to take in the beautiful views under a blanket of snow. Yet, those who visit at just the precise time in winter will be treated with seeing the Ice Volcano at Letchworth State Park. This year the “Ice Volcano” reached almost 50 feet. It is one of the most incredible winter sites to see in New York.Ice Volcano Letchworth State Park

How is the Letchworth Ice Volcano Formed

In the winter, when temperatures fall below freezing is when the “Ice Volcano” begins to form. When the pond below the Glen Iris Fountain freezes, the spray from the fountain allows a small amount of ice to accumulate around the fountain. If the temperatures maintain below freezing, the ice will continuously build up. The more days that go by with freezing temperatures, the taller the Ice Volcano will become.

The volcano has been known to reach up to 50 feet tall! However, it can only be as tall as the water from the fountain can spray. If the Ice Volcano at Letchworth reaches the height of the fountain, the ice will start to fill in the volcano itself.

Glen Iris water fountainIce Volcano Letchworth State Park

Where is the Letchworth State Park Ice Volcano

The Letchworth State Park Ice Volcano is located outside of the Glen Iris Inn, a historical home turned inn. Situated in front of the inn is Glen Iris Fountain. When the Ice Volcano is formed, there will be plenty of people gathered around. The fountain and volcano can be seen as you’re approaching the inn, so there is no way you’ll miss it.

When to see the Ice Volcano

The best time to see the Letchworth Ice Volcano is when there has been a long stretch of cold days. The more consecutive days below zero, the higher the volcano will be. Typically, the best time to see this natural phenomenon is in the coldest months in the winter, which tends to be in February. By February, there should have been a long stretch of cold days to create an epic volcano. However, seeing the ice volcano is in no way guaranteed when visiting. The best way to know if the Ice Volcano will be there when you visit is to check recent location tags on Instagram or by calling the state park.

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