Niagara Falls Cave of the Winds in Winter

Until recently, a winter visit to Niagara Falls consisted of walking around the State Park and viewing the waterfalls from a distance. Still purely magical to be able to experience Niagara Falls under a blanket of snow, there weren’t as many things to do in the winter. Now, you can experience the pure wonder of Niagara Falls up close from the winter platform at the Cave of the Winds. Cave of the Winds in winter is a unique way to experience Niagara Falls. It allows you to get up close to Bridal Veil Falls even on a frigid day. 

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Cave of the Winds in Winter

Cave of the Winds in Winter Experience 

While the Cave of the Winds in winter has its similarities to visiting during the warmer months, it is an entirely unique experience. If you have the opportunity to visit in both summer and winter, I highly recommend it! The Cave of the Winds is one of my favorite ways to experience Niagara Falls. Standing at the base of Bridal Veil Falls allows you to truly appreciate the grandeur and power of Niagara Falls.

During the winter, only the lower platform is open. You will not be able to walk around the upper decks or stand underneath the waterfalls on the Hurricane Deck. Actually, the upper part of the decking is completely removed during the winter to protect it from the elements. While you will only be able to view the waterfalls from the lower deck, you will be treated with a view that is unlike anything you would see in the warmer months.

Cave of the Winds in Winter

Descending the elevator, you will reach the base of the Niagara River. To the left, you will see Horseshoe Falls. The Cave of the Winds offers an incredible view of Horseshoe Falls. Yet, the main attraction is on your right down the path.

Horseshoe Falls Winter

As you approach Bridal Veil Falls, everything becomes encased in ice. The deck, railings, rocks, and walls are all covered in a thick layer of ice. The mist from Niagara Falls creates an icy winter wonderland and Cave of the Winds is the perfect place to experience it. The ice that forms at the base of the Bridal Veil Falls in winter creates impressive icy snow mounds. The trees droop under the weight of the ice and icicles can be seen hanging from every available surface.

Cave of the Winds in Winter

Cave of the Winds in Winter

If you’re lucky enough to visit on a sunny day in the winter, a vibrant rainbow will make the experience even more magical. Cave of the Winds in winter is a bucket list experience and another great reason to visit Niagara Falls.

Cave of the Winds in Winter

How to Visit Cave of the Winds in Winter

Cave of the Winds is open daily in the winter between 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Adult tickets only cost $5 and are only available for purchase at the attraction. Even in the winter, weekends can get quite busy in Niagara Falls. I highly suggest planning your visit on a weekday or closer to opening time on the weekend. I visited on a weekday and there were only two other people at the Cave of the Winds during our visit. Without the hoards of crowds, the experience felt more intimate.

The closest parking lot to the Cave of the Winds is Parking Lot #2, located on Goat Island. Parking is currently $5 per car in the winter. Niagara Falls does except the Empire Pass.

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