Seville to Gibraltar Day Trip: Best Itinerary & Tours

Visiting the Straight of Gibraltar always had a certain allure. From its proximity to both Spain and Morocco, its status as a British Overseas Territory and the monkeys who share the area; this is a unique place to visit. Visiting Gibraltar is a great addition to your Andalusia itinerary and is a great day trip from the major cities in the region such as Seville. A Seville to Gibraltar day trip is extremely popular. This day trip allows you enough time to experience the tops things to do in the Straight of Gibraltar.

Seville to Gibraltar Day Trip Points of Interest

While there are plenty of things to do, with one day in Gibraltar, you will have enough time to experience the main points of interest. Gibraltar tours are curated to ensure you visit these main points of interest. If you are not taking a guided tour, be sure to visit these spots in on your day trip to Gibraltar.  

Views of the Rock of Gibraltar

Upon arrival, you will be able to see the Rock of Gibraltar from across the Bay of Gibraltar. The Rock is visible as you approach Gibraltar and is an incredible sight to see. If you are taking a tour, you will see this view from your motor coach. Yet, don’t worry, you will have views of the Rock of Gibraltar as soon as you walk across the international border. If you are traveling independently, consider stopping before entering into Gibraltar to take in the views from across the bay.

Gibraltar day trip

Walk Across an International Border

A unique highlight to your day trip to Gibraltar is having a chance to walk across the international border from Spain. This is a relatively easy border crossing, yet keep in mind that it is still an international border. Be respectful, don’t take photos and have your passport!

Cross the Fifth Most Dangerous Runway in the World

After going through customs, you will walk across the Gibraltar International Airport. The main street in the area, Winston Churchill Avenue, intersects the runway and has to be closed when a plane needs to land. You won’t be in any danger walking across this airport runway, yet it is quite the thrilling idea. Additionally, this runway features incredible views of the Rock of Gibraltar.

Seville to Gibraltar Day Trip

See Three Countries From Europa Point

Europa Point is the Southernmost point of Gibraltar. This spot features the red and white stripped Europa Point Lighthouse. From Europa Point, you can see views of both Spain and Morocco in the near distance. This is the first official stop on many Gibraltar tours after boarding the smaller motor coach that will bring you through Gibraltar. Europa Point gives you a gage of the location of Gibraltar and the significance of the Straight of Gibraltar in terms of trade. You will see many industrial ships moving through the waterways as well as beautiful views.

Europa Point - Gibraltar Day TripEuropa Point - Gibraltar Day TripEuropa Point - Gibraltar Day Trip

Explore St. Michael’s Cave

St. Michael’s Cave, located within Gibraltar Nature Reserve is an interesting stop on you Gibraltar day trip. Enjoy wandering through St. Michael’s Cave, admiring the stalagmites and stalactites, which are the rocks the rise from the floor and ceiling of the cave. Ever changing colors are projected onto the rocks, creating a unique atmosphere. This unique cave is even used for concerts and events in Gibraltar.

St. Michael's Cave - Gibraltar

See the Endangered Barbary Macaques (Monkeys)

The best part about Gibraltar is the Barbary Monkeys. Seriously, a Seville to Gibraltar day trip is worth is just to see this adorable monkeys. The Barbary Monkeys are free to roam about the rock of Gibraltar and can be found in various spots of the Nature Preserve. With only a day in Gibraltar, it is best to see these monkeys outside of St. Michael’s Cave, in order to save on time. Barbary macaques are often referred to as Barbary apes. However, they are in fact one of only two types of tail-less monkeys in the world.

Barbary Macaques Seville to Gibraltar Day TripBarbary Macaques Seville to Gibraltar Day Trip

Great Siege Tunnels

Not all Gibraltar tours stop here, yet if you are traveling independently, you may have time to stop in the Great Siege Tunnels. The Great Siege Tunnels are a series of tunnels within the Rock of Gibraltar. These tunnels were dug out from the solid limestone by the British during the Great Siege of Gibraltar at the end of the 18th century. You can tour through these tunnels to check out this impressive manmade defense system.

Shop/Dine on Main Street and Casemates Square

After a long day of exploring, relax on Main Street and in Casemates Square. Here you will find ample shopping and dining options. There are plenty of restaurants serving British fare such as Fish and Chips. 

Casemates Square Gibraltar

How To Get From Seville to Gibraltar

Traveling from Seville to Gibraltar takes approximately two hours by car. This makes it an easy day trip from Seville. If you have a rental car, you could do this trip independently. However, the best option is booking a guided tour with transport from Seville. 

Seville To Gibraltar Tour

The best way to experience a Seville to Gibraltar day trip is through a tour company. There a plenty of tours available to meet your individual needs and interests. Be sure to book in advanced as many tours fill up. Keep reading to check out the best Gibraltar tours


Seville To Gibraltar Bus

There is a Seville to Gibraltar bus. However, you will need to take an early bus to ensure you have enough time to explore Gibraltar. Keep in mind that in order to see the major points of interest, you will need a car. If you travel to Gibraltar independently via a bus, consider booking a guided tour to take you around upon arrival. While driving from Seville to Gibraltar takes only two hours, the bus take four hours. This would make it a very long day trip. Taking a bus is not suggested unless you are planning on staying the night in Gibraltar. 

Traveling Independently Vs. Traveling In A Group

While I am typically a huge advocate of traveling independently, this is a particular instance when a group trip is advised. There are a lot of technicalities to consider when planing a day trip to Gibraltar. If you do not have a car, taking the bus is time consuming and not advised. And if you do have a rental car, you may not be able to drive your Spanish rental car into Gibraltar (Check your rental policy). Seville to Gibraltar is a long day trip, where most of the major points of interest are only accessible by driving. It is beneficial to have a knowledgeable tour guide to bring you around Gibraltar to ensure that you don’t miss any of the major points of interest. 

Barbary Macaques (Monkeys)

Best Gibraltar Tours

There are various Seville to Gibraltar tour companies. Most of these Gibraltar tours follow similar itineraries, stopping at the major point of interest for a day trip to Gibraltar. A guided tour is the best way to take a day trip to Gibraltar.  

From Seville: Day Trip to Gibraltar

This Seville to Gibraltar day trip gives you almost the entire day to sightsee. Your tour guide picks you up from your hotel or designated meeting point in Seville to begin you day trip. The tour bus weaves through Andalusia until your arrival just outside of Gibraltar. From here, you will disembark your bus and walk across the border to Gibraltar. Views of the Rock of Gibraltar will beckon you into this British Oversees Territory. Once you make it across the border and walk across the Gibraltar International Airport, you will get on a smaller tour bus that will show you around the Rock of Gibraltar with a local guide.

The local guides are extremely informative, telling you everything you need to know as you visit the top points of interest in Gibraltar including Europa Point, St. Micheal’s Cave and the Barbary Macaques. After exploring Gibraltar, you will have free time to eat and shop relax on Main Street. This is one of the top selling Gibraltar tours from Seville and is a recommended day trip. I took this tour through Andalsur Viajes Congresos y Excursiones on a solo day trip to Gibraltar and would highly recommend it to anyone planning a visit. Book your day trip now! 

From Seville: Full-Day Private Tour of Gibraltar

This Gibraltar tour has a similar is ran by the same tour operator as the “From Seville: Day Trip to Gibraltar” tour, Andalsur Viajes Congresos y Excursiones. This Gibraltar tour offers the same itinerary and includes stops at Europa Point, St. Micheal’s Cave and gives you a chance to see the Barbary Macaques. The difference between this tour, is that it is private. This tour is perfect for small and large groups, who prefer to have a personalized experience. There is no minimum number of people for this tour, yet keep in mind that the price per person depends on the amount of people in your group. This private group tour from Seville to Gibraltar can accommodate up to 30 people, therefor is perfect if you are planning a large group trip. Book your private tour now!

Day-Tour of the Rock: Gibraltar’s Apes, Siege Tunnels & More

If you are planning to drive or take the bus from Seville to Gibraltar, you may still consider booking a tour for upon your arrival. This is one of the best Gibraltar tours for those traveling to Gibraltar independently. This tour stops at Europa Point, St. Michael’s Cave, the Apes Den, the Great Siege Tunnel and Casemates Main Square. This is one of the most budget friendly tours, however it does not offer transport from Seville and is intended for groups of six of more. I would only recommend this particular Gibraltar tour if your group is driving from Seville or arriving the night before by bus. Book your tour now!


Is A Day Trip To Gibraltar Worth It?

If you are looking for a change of scenery from Seville, Gibraltar is absolutely worth a visit. It only takes two hours to get to Gibraltar, meaning that you have a good portion of the day to explore this British Oversees Territory. The Barbary Macaques were a highlight to visiting Gibraltar. No matter if you are planning a day trip from Seville or stopping on your Southern Spain itinerary, Gibraltar is a must-see

Gibraltar day tripTips for a Seville to Gibraltar Day Trip

Bring Your Passport

You need to have your passport in order to enter Gibraltar. This includes UK residence as well. A few people from our group were denied entry into Gibraltar because they forgot their passports. 

Keep Your Bag Closed

The Barbary Macaques (Monkeys) associate bags with food. When you are near the monkeys, keep your bags closed so they don’t try to search your bag. 

Gibraltar Currency

Gibraltar has their own currency, the Gibraltar £, which is the same exchange rates as the British £. Some businesses will accept Euros and credit cards.