As Spring came, I found myself daydreaming in pastels and cherry blossom blooms. After seeing that Buffalo made the list of the 10 Places to See Cherry Blossoms Around the World by U.S. News, I decided to check them out for myself. While I’ve seen the cherry blossoms in Buffalo, I haven’t seen them in years. Hence, I needed a refresher.

The buzzed about blossoms are on the grounds of The Buffalo History Museum. The cherry blossoms are scattered around the lawn and through the Japanese Gardens. Apparently I didn’t need to go to Japan to experience cherry blossoms, I just needed to visit the Japanese Garden. (Tip: The best time to view the cherry blossoms is now. Buffalo Cherry Blossom Festival is April 29th to May 6th!)Buffalo Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms are so beautiful that I decided to visit them twice in 48 hours.

On my first afternoon visiting The Buffalo History Museum to see the blossoms, the wind was fierce and the sky threatening. I didn’t stray too far from the steps of the Museum in fear that I would get rained on. Yet no rain fell that day…just pink and white pedals. As the wind drifted, the pastel pedals danced in the air.Buffalo Cherry Blossoms

The Buffalo History Museum, modeled after the Parthenon, is an architectural beauty in its own right. Though the cherry blossoms seem to breath a new life on this structure; their pink pedals framing the museum beautifully.Buffalo Cherry BlossomsBuffalo Cherry Blossoms

The next morning I woke up still dreaming of the cherry blossoms. And there wasn’t a cloud in sight. It seemed like the perfect day to frolic amongst the flowers. We parked by the Albright Knox Art Gallery and enjoyed a leisurely stroll around Hoyt Lake to The Buffalo History Museum. When we made it to the grounds of the Buffalo History Museum, we saw the museum across Mirror Lake. I could make out the pink pedals of the cherry blossoms in the distance.Buffalo Cherry Blossoms

Before getting to the trees, we tried to find our tranquility in the Japanese Gardens. This place is so relaxing. No one was yelling or running about, everyone was just quietly enjoying the gardens.Buffalo Japanese Garden

Finally we made it to the cherry blossoms. They seemed even more beautiful with the blue skies and sunshine. I couldn’t help but smile looking up at the cherry blossom trees. I took in every pedal and lusted as the pink pedals blew in the soft breeze.Buffalo Cherry BlossomsBuffalo Cherry Blossoms