We didn’t have any intentions of visiting Boston on this trip. We planned to spend our entire time in Newport. Yet, a rainy day in Rhode Island sent us searching for a drier place to explore. Without any hesitation we got in the car and drove the hour and a half drive to Boston. I didn’t know much about the city except for what I’ve learned in history class. Due to our lack of planning and knowledge of the city, we knew that we weren’t going to be able to see and do everything in Boston. We opted to spend most of our time in Boston exploring the charming Beacon Hill and taking in many of the wonderful green spaces in the city.

Upon arrival in the city, we found a parking garage located in the Boston Commons. We headed up the elevator to find ourselves right in the middle of the park. Walking through the Boston Commons gave me a sense of what this city is all about. The wide open spaces were scattered with people playing catch and lounging leisurely on blankets, enjoying the warm sunshine and relaxing atmosphere.Boston Commons

The houses facing the Boston Commons along Beacon Street were so charming. I couldn’t help but imagine living in one of those brownstones with the Boston Commons as my front yard.  Beacon Hill

We ambled over to Cheers for lunch. Cheers, originally the Bull & Finch Pub was the inspiration for the all-American pub in the TV series “Cheers”. This is the type of place “where everybody knows your name”. While touristy, it was a lot of fun! The atmosphere was great and the food was delicious. It was especially exciting being there with my parents, who watched the show when it was out.Cheers Boston

Happy and full, we walked across the street from Cheers to The Boston Public Garden. The Boston Public Garden is the most beautiful green space I have ever seen in a city. Swan boats and actual swans floated through the lagoon. The lagoon’s weeping willow grazed the surface of the water creating an ethereal green reflection. My experience in the Boston Public Garden was made even more tranquil by the subtle sound of an erhu, a Chinese violin, playing in the background.  Boston Public Garden

Eager to see more charming homes, we meandered through the streets of Beacon Hill. The brick facades of the row houses instantly charmed me. Each house had its own bold door in hues of red, green and blue. Yet, it’s the wrought iron detailing and the immense amount of greenery that made these homes. Beacon Hill Boston

Beacon Hill Boston

One street we gave particular attention to in Beacon Hill was Acorn Street. Acorn Street is a narrow, cobblestone lane that was once home to employees of the rich families who lived on neighboring Chestnut Street. While the houses on Acorn Street appear to be similar to the rest of Beacon Hill, it is the cobblestone that makes this street unique. Acorn Street is home to a true cobblestone street. The cobblestone is so uneven that it is quite easy to twist your ankle. Yet, nonetheless, it is rather beautiful. We spent a while admiring the steep cobblestone street and the glistening acorn door knockers on many of the homes. It was the perfect street to end our stroll through Beacon Hill. Beacon Hill Boston

Beacon Hill Boston