Frigiliana: The Prettiest Village in Andalusia

Frigiliana is considered to be the prettiest village in Andalusia. Wandering through the cobblestone streets, it is easy to see why this village has been voted the “prettiest village in Andalusia” by the Spanish tourism authority. Andalusia is scattered with charming Pueblos Blancos (White Villages), Frigiliana is especially beautiful. This hillside village in the Costa del Sol is a picturesque labyrinth of cobblestoned streets and white-washed houses with splashes of blue and purple accents. 


Things to do in Frigiliana

Frigiliana is one of those place where it is less about “things to do” and more about simply enjoying the village; wandering through the streets and taking in the views. That being said, there are some things to do in Frigiliana, including key spots that are exceptionally photogenic.

Mudejar Neighborhood

Frigiliana can be divided into two parts; the lower neighborhood and the upper neighborhood. The upper neighborhood, known as Mudejar is where you will want to explore. This neighborhood is referred to by locals as Barribarto, which means Barrio Alto or upper quarter. The Mudejar neighborhood is the older quarters of the city and is where you will find the moorish architecture which makes this village so remarkable. Keep in mind, the Mudejar neighborhood is built on the hillside, meaning that the streets are extremely steep. Here you will find the best things to do in Frigiliana in the Mudejar neighborhood:



Reales Positos

The Reales Positos is considered to be the center of the village. This is the only street within the Mudejar neighborhood that is accessible to cars, yet receives plenty of foot traffic. Along this street is the town hall and church square as well as plenty of small shops. Reales Positos leads to some of the most photogenic streets in Frigiliana including Calle Zacatin and Calle del Penon. Historically, Reales Positos was a royal grain storehouse, where surplus grain was stored. 

Reales Positos

Reales Positos

Fuente Vieja (old fountain)

The Fuente Vieja, old fountain is at the start of the old town of Frigiliana. This fountain was built in 1640 and is a popular spot to gather in town. The family coat of arms is still visible of the fountain.  

Fuente Vieja

Calle del Penon

Calle del Penon is the street leading to Vista Panoramica. This street is extremely photogenic as it captures the beautiful designs on the cobblestone and plenty of whitewashed houses.

Calle del Penon Frigiliana Calle de Penon Frigiliana

Vista Panoramica

Vista Panoramica offers an incredible view of the village, mountains and the sea in the distance.  This viewpoint is a post-card worthy view, with the rooftops and whitewashed houses below. This is one of the best things to do in Frigiliana. 

Vista PanoramicaVista Panoramica Frigiliana

Frigiliana Malaga

Calle Zacatin

Calle Zacatin is the most photographed street in Frigiliana. This pedestrian street is located near the San Antonio Church.  Calle Zacatin is lined with potted plants which makes it extra photo-worthy.

San Antonio Church in Plaza de la Iglesia

San Antonio de Padua Church is located in Plaza de la Iglesia. This whitewashed church fits in with the aesthetic of the village and the plaza is a great spot to relax.

 Plaza de la Iglesia

Renaissance Palace of the Counts of Frigiliana

This 16th-century renaissance-style palace belonged to the Count and Countess of Frigiliana. In later years, the Renaissance Palace became a sugar cane factory.   

Renaissance Palace of the Counts of Frigiliana

Castillo de Lizar

Time permitting, make your way up to Castillo de Lizar, which is the remains of the old Moorish castle at the top of the village. While most of this castle has been destroyed, the views are spectacular.

Frigiliana Market Day

Frigiliana market days are Thursdays and Sundays from 8 am until 2 pm. The market is located at the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in the center of the village with a variety of good for sale including clothes, gifts and local produce. Plaza de las Tres Culturas makes an ideal location for the Frigiliana Market Day. The Mudejar neighborhood sits above the market, allowing you to enjoy the village as you shop.

Where is Frigiliana, Malaga?

This whitewashed village is located in Southern Spain, located in the province of Malaga. Frigiliana, Malaga is a whitewashed towns of Andalusia. If your are wondering where is Frigiliana exactly, it is about a 20 minutes from the resort town of Nerja.   



How to Get to Frigiliana

How to get to Frigiliana depends entirely where you are coming from. Yet the best routes are from Malaga or Nerja. However, you can get to this Andalusian village from anywhere in Spain. This village is located above Nerja and is accessible by car, serviced by a highway, MA-5105. 

Nerja to Frigiliana

Nerja is the closest town and therefor a great base to get to Frigiliana. The best way to explore the small towns in Andalusia is by car, however there are other routes to get from Nerja to Frigiliana. There is a Nerja to Frigiliana Bus, which take only 15 minutes. This bus service runs daily and costs 1.50 each way. Click here for more information on the Nerja to Frigiliana bus schedule. For an alternative type of transportation, there are walking routes. A Nerja to Frigiliana walk varies in distance and duration depending on which route you take. Click here for more information on walking routes. 

Malaga to Frigiliana

Malaga is a port city in the Costa del Sol and a popular starting point for trips to Andalusia. From Malaga, it is easy to reach this village. However, driving is the best option as there are no direct routes via public transportation. Driving from Malaga to Frigiliana takes less than an hour and is pretty direct. There is no direct Malaga to Frigiliana bus, yet you can easily transfer in Nerja. Click here for more information on the Malaga to Frigiliana bus schedule. 

Guided Tours

If you do not have a car and are coming from either Malaga or Granada, I would suggest taking a guided tour. While it is possible to get to this beautiful Spanish Village by public transportation from Malaga, a guided tour will reduce a lot of stress. The guided tours available from both Viator and Get Your Guide, additional stops Nerja or El Acebuchal, allowing you to enjoy the beautiful Costa de Sol. 

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Frigiliana Malaga

Frigiliana Parking

If you arrive by car, it’s important to know where parking is located in the village. Frigiliana parking is located at the Plaza de las Tres Culturas. This parking garage is ideally located to explore the village. Street parking is also available on the main road near Plaza de las Tres Culturas. However, do not try to park in the upper part of town, the streets are extremely steep. 

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Frigiliana Map

This is a relatively small village. All the things to do in Frigiliana can be covered in a short visit. In order to get the most out of your trip, follow this Frigiliana map. However, keep in mind that Google Maps does not account for all the pedestrian walkways and steps. So if you are looking for directions, it is best to look at the map rather than “get directions” from Google. 



Frigiliana Hotels

In order to get the most of this idyllic whitewashed village, consider booking a hotel. None of these hotels are chain hotels. Yet, there are some great Bread and Breakfasts and locally owned hotels available. According to Trip Advisor, these are some of the best Frigiliana Hotels. Click here for more Trip Advisor Reviews on Frigiliana hotels. 

Miller’s of Frigiliana

A bread and breakfast hotel located in the old Moorish district. This is the ideal local for exploring the village.

Check rates: ; Read reviews: Trip Advisor

Hotel Villa Frigiliana

This boutique hotel is centrally located between the old and new districts and has balconies with gorgeous views over the valley and of this whitewashed town. 

Check rates: ; Read reviews: Trip Advisor

Hotel Los Caracoles

This “Cave Hotel” is an experience in itself. Located just outside the village, Hotel Los Caracoles offers amazing views and is a great place to disconnect. 

Check rates: ; Read reviews: Trip Advisor

EL Torreon 109 Charming B&B

El Torreon 109 Charming B& B is a charming boutique property in the center of the village. Out of all the Frigiliana hotels, this is where I would most want to stay as it has an infinity pool overlooking the valley.

Check; Read reviews:Trip Advisor

Hospederia el Caravansar

Hospederia el Caravansar is the most budget-friendly hotel on the list. This hotel is centrally located and has everything you need at a reasonable price.  

Check; Read reviews:Trip Advisor

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