Jacarandas in Mexico City – How to See these Beautiful Spring Blooms

The jacarandas bloom in Mexico City is one of the most spectacular spring blooms around the world. In spring, when the jacaranda trees bloom, the streets of Mexico City are dotted with beautiful violet petals. These trees add even more color to this already vibrant city. Yet, you wouldn’t believe just how many jacaranda trees this metropolis has. All throughout Mexico City, you can find the jacarandas. Lining streets and scattered through parks, these trees are in abundance. As you fly into Mexico City, jacarandas are even visible from above the city.

If you have the opportunity to visit Mexico City in the spring, you’re in for a treat. Seeing these blossoming trees is such a wonderful experience.

Jacaranda Trees

When do the Jacaranda Trees Bloom in Mexico City

The jacaranda trees bloom in Mexico City between late March and early April each year. Usually, if you visit within that time frame, you will have a chance to see the jacaranda, whether it is the beginning of the bloom, peak bloom, or nearing the end of the jacaranda season when the streets are covered with the beautiful purple petals.

Seeing the jacaranda trees bloom in Mexico City is one of the best ways to experience Mexico City in the spring. 

Alameda Central metro with Jacarandas Jacarandas Petals Jacarandas in Mexico City

Where to See the Jacarandas in Mexico City

The jacarandas in Mexico City can be found all across the city. Honestly, you don’t need to look very hard to find them. Simply wandering around the city, you will find plenty of jacaranda trees.

But, if you’re looking for the most picturesque spots to see the jacarandas in Mexico City, check out these spots:

Alameda Central Jacarandas in Mexico City

Alameda Central

Alameda Central is a small park in the historic center of Mexico City, adjacent to The Palacio de Bellas Artes. This small park is full of Jacaranda trees. In addition to the stunning Palacio de Bellas Artes, there is also a Parisian metro sign in the park with Jacaranda trees behind it, which is a perfect photo spot.

For a view of this Alameda Central and the jacaranda trees from above, head to Cafe don Porfirio, a rooftop cafe in Sears.

Jacarandas in Mexico City Palacio de Bellas Artes Jacaranda Tree

Jacarandas in Mexico City

Condesa and Roma

The Condesa and Roma neighborhoods are two of the most picturesque neighborhoods in Mexico City. Due to the abundance of tree-lined streets in these neighborhoods, there are plenty of jacaranda Trees. Be sure to check out Condesa Park, a small park full of jacarandas.

Condesa Park Mexico City

Chapultepec Park  

This is the largest park in Mexico City and has plenty of trees, including the jacaranda tree. This is an idyllic spot to wander around and see the distinctive purple-blue trees.

Chapultepec Park  Jacarandas Jacaranda Tree

Paseo de la Reforma Avenue

Wander down the famous stretch of this avenue from the city’s Historic Center to Chapultepec Park to see some incredible jacaranda trees. For an iconic photo, be sure to take a photo of The Angel of Independence with the jacaranda trees.

The St. Regis Mexico City has a terrace bar with an incredible view over Paseo de la Reforma Avenue and the jacarandas.

Jacarandas in Mexico City - Paseo de la Reforma Avenue

Origins of Jacaranda in Mexico

The jacaranda tree was brought to Mexico by Japanese landscape architect Tatsugoro Matsumoto in the 1920s. The trees were signified to solidify the relationship between Japan and Mexico. Initially, the plan was to plant cherry blossoms in Mexico City. However, Mexico was ill-suited for cherry blossoms. Thus, Tatsugoro Matsumoto recommended the jacaranda tree, which is a tree native to Brazil.

Alameda Central Jacarandas

Tips for Enjoying the Jacarandas in Mexico City

Unlike some spring blooms around the world that attract hordes of tourists, the jacaranda season in Mexico City is quite tame in comparison. Perhaps it is because the jacaranda trees are so spread out across the city, so everyone doesn’t need to gather in one spot to see them. That being said, there are some tips to follow to have the best experience in seeing the jacaranda trees.

Avoid Major Holidays

Spring not only brings that beautiful blossom of flowers but also, the holiday season. Easter usually falls within the jacaranda seasons and can be quite the busy time in Mexico City.

Visit Busy Sites Early

The busiest spot for taking photos of the jacaranda trees are Alameda Central and Chapultepec Park. I would definitely suggest visiting Alameda Central early in the morning because this square attracts plenty of tourists. Chapultepec Park gets fairly busy on the afternoons on weekends, as it’s a great spot to have a picnic. If you want to photograph the park without a lot of people, try to get there earlier in the day or on weekdays.

Jacaranda Trees Alameda Central

Hotels are near the Jacarandas in Mexico City

If your main goal is to see the jacaranda trees when visiting Mexico City, you are best off staying at a hotel on Paseo de la Reforma Avenue or in the Historic Center of Mexico City. Hotels on Paseo de la Reforma are close to Chapultepec Park, while hotels in the Historic Center of Mexico City are nearby Alameda Central. Here are my hotel recommendations for these areas:

Hotel Zocalo Central

Hotel Zocalo Central is a charming boutique hotel near the Zocalo. This hotel is within walking distance of Alameda Central in the Historic Center of Mexico City.

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Four Seasons Mexico City

The Four Seasons Mexico City is a beautiful, luxurious hotel located just steps from Chapultepec Park. It is a fantastic place to stay if you are planning on spending a lot of time in the park.

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St. Regis Mexico City

The St. Regis Mexico City is a fantastic property to stay on Paseo de la Reforma Avenue. It the ideal spot for meandering down this avenue and for its terrace bar with views of jacaranda trees.

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