Letchworth Getaway: Rw How West Barn Airbnb

When it comes to a weekend getaway in New York State, look no further than Airbnb. There are so many incredible Airbnbs that make for a wonderful escape. After seeing the photos of Rw How West Barn in Perry, New York I was hooked and ready to embark on my very first Airbnb getaway in New York. This Airbnb, located just outside of Letchworth State Park was the perfect place to stay for a cozy winter getaway. I was able to easily explore Letchworth in the Winter and be able to quickly return to the Airbnb to spend the remainder of the day watching the snowfall from the large barn doors. In one word, I would describe this getaway as cozy.

Rw How West Barn is an industrial Morton-style barn located on the outskirts of Letchworth State Park in the adorable town of Perry, New York. It is so close to Letchworth, that you can even walk to the park from the Airbnb. Keep in mind, if you are visiting in the winter, the Perry entrance to Letchworth State Park is closed in winter. Yet, the drive to the Castile entrance will allow you to take in the scenery of the area before even entering the park.

The Airbnb host has transformed this industrial barn into the coziest most hygge space. Think cool tones, lots of natural light, and every inch decorated with a keen eye, down to the last detail. 

Rw How West Barn, Airbnb in Perry, NY

Rw How West Barn Airbnb

Property Details

    • Where to Book: Airbnb
    • Rooms: 2 bedrooms
    • Bathrooms: 2 bathrooms

Inside The Airbnb

When you first walk into this Airbnb, you will be in the open concept living room/kitchen. With the high ceiling and large barn door letting light in, this space feels extra spacious. While it is such a large space, it doesn’t feel stark and empty. It is truly one of the coziest and most beautiful spaces I have ever seen. The mostly bright white space is complemented by dark wood furnishing and pops of sage.

Living Room

The living room is the perfect place to relax and look out through the large glass barn doors. I woke up for sunrise each morning, snuggled up on the couch watching as the sun slowly peaked over the horizon. When you’re not watching the sunrise, this is a great space to read one of the various coffee table books available as the snowfalls. The barn doors allow light to pour into the space, bouncing off the chandeliers. There is no need to turn a single light on during the day. In the warmer months, you can even open the barn doors.

Rw How West Barn, Airbnb in Perry, NY Rw How West Barn, Airbnb in Perry, NY Rw How West Barn, Airbnb in Perry, NY

The Kitchen

The kitchen at Rw How West Barn is fit for a professional chef. Nothing I cooked in this immaculate kitchen could possibly live up to how high-end it was. All the appliances are high-end, there are the cutest and quirkiest green coffee maker and microwave and open shelving showcasing the array of cups, plates, and bowls. Additionally, the kitchen is stocked with cookbooks if you are looking for inspiration. 

Rw How West Barn, Airbnb in Perry, NY Rw How West Barn, Airbnb in Perry, NY

The Bedrooms

There are two bedrooms in this spacious barn. The North bedroom has a king bed and loft with a seating area. From the loft, you have a view of the living room. The loft is a great alternative spot to watch the sunrise.

The second bedroom is the West bedroom, which has the coziest queen-sized bed. The West bedroom has a private bathroom, featuring a 1900’s Apothecary cabinet, which adds so much character to the room.

Rw How West Barn, Airbnb in Perry, NY

The Bathroom

My favorite room in this stunning Airbnb is the main bathroom. The impressive 13-foot door beckons you into this luxurious bathroom. There is a chandelier hanging above the soaking tub and a dream rain shower. You will be hard-pressed to decide if you want to take a bath or shower first.

Rw How West Barn, Airbnb in Perry, NY

Things to do Nearby

Rw How West Barn is located in the ideal area for exploring Letchworth State Park and the surrounding area. These are some of the best things to do nearby:

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