The Best Bookstores in Madrid That You Need to Visit

There’s a myriad of beautiful bookstores in Madrid. Rich in literary history, it is no surprise that there are so many incredible bookstores across the city. Whether you are looking for used, rare, or new books, it’s safe to say that you can find just about anything you’re looking for in Madrid. There is no shortage of bookstores to browse or pop into while exploring the city. The bookstores included in this list are worthwhile to visit and don’t stray too far from the typical tourist path. After galavanting around, popping into some of the best bookstores in Madrid, it’s safe to say that this city is a literary haven.Librería Miguel Miranda: The best bookstores in Madrid

The Best Bookstores in Madrid 

Librería Pérez Galdós

Located just a stone’s throw away from the enchanting Gran Via is Librería Pérez Galdós, which feels like a true gem to stumble upon for lovers of books. This bookstore was founded in 1942 by the grandson of the 19th-century Spanish novelist, Benito Pérez Galdós. From the street view, Librería Pérez Galdós is a cool, slightly grungy looking bookstore. And inside, the wooden shelves are piled with second-hand books from various genres.

Location: Calle de Hortaleza, 5, 28004 Madrid, Spain

Librería Pérez Galdós The best bookstores in Madrid

Librería Miguel Miranda

Located in Madrid’s Barrio de les Letras, the Literary Quarter, is Librería Miguel Miranda. This bookstore is quite beautiful and has a feel of an old library rather than a bookstore. Stepping inside this cozy library with its’ striking spiral staircase feels like you have entered someone’s personal library. Yet all of these antique, rare, and out-of-print books are for sale. This Madrid bookstore should be on every book lover’s bucket list.

Location: Calle de Lope de Vega, 19, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Librería Miguel Miranda Librería Miguel Miranda: The best bookstores in Madrid

Librería Bardón

Librería Bardón is a dream come true for any book lover. This bookstore is lined with floor to ceiling rows of antique books, even the doorway is perfectly lined with books. The beautiful spines of the antique books in Librería Bardón create the overall aesthetic of this bookstore. Visiting Librería Bardón is a must for rare and book collectors or for anyone who loves a beautiful bookstore. This bookstore was founded in 1947 by Luis Bardón López and has been a staple in Madrid since. This is the type of bookstore where you walk into and feel like you need to whisper and photography isn’t always permitted, but it is a great spot to stop by to check out the incredible books.

Location: Plaza de San Martín, 3, 28013 Madrid, Spain

Librería Bardón - Best Bookstores in Madrid Madrid Bookstores


Libros para un Mundo Mejor

This used bookstore in the Malasaña neighborhood is ideal for anyone who wants to stray slightly away from the traditional tourist track. Malasaña is a hip neighborhood in Madrid with colorful buildings, street art, vintage shops, and most importantly this adorable bookstore. This small bookstore is located in a vibrant yellow building on Calle del Espíritu Santo. Not only is there an abundance of used books to choose from, but the exterior of this bookshop is also extremely photogenic. This Madrid bookstore is bright and cheerful and often frequented by an adorable black cat.

Location: Calle del Espíritu Santo, 13, 28004 Madrid, Spain 

Libros para un Mundo Mejor: Best Bookstores in Madrid

Libros para un Mundo Mejor: Best Bookstores in Madrid

La Librería

La Librería is a small, specialized bookstore that is the ideal spot to visit for all book lovers in Madrid. This bookstore carries books all about Madrid, including coffee-table books and history books about the city. This is the best bookshop to visit if you want to pick up some books about Madrid. It is located nearby the major tourist attractions in Madrid, including Plaza Mayor and the Royal Palace of Madrid making it easy to pick up some literature on Madrid while visiting the city.

Location: Calle Mayor, 80, 28013 Madrid, Spain 

La Librería - Best Bookstores in Madrid

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